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Pharmacolgy Ch. 14

Study Guide for Pharmacology Chapter 14

What classification are testosterone patches C-111
Bolus insulin is released at mealtimes to react with glucose entering the body from food intake
Neuropathy is the result of a lack of blood flow to nerves
Insulin helps cells burn glucose for energy
Growth Hormone Deficiency is a disorder that occurs when the pituitary glad does not produce enough growth hormone
The Endocrine System consists of glands and other structures that produce secretions called Hormones
hypophysis gland The pituitary gland which sits a the base of the hypothalamus
The pituitary gland is divided into anterior and posterior lobes
Long term use of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in women has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer
osteoblasts What cells actively form new bone
What is needed for calcium to get into the bone vitamin D
What is the major reason to use corticosteroids to reduce inflammation
What is osteoporosis A reduction or weakening of the bone mass
A reduction or weakening of the bone mass adrenal glands
Corticosteroid therapy should not be stopped abruptly if the patient has been on the therapy for longer than one week
Corticosteroids must be tapered off because the glands that produce them can stop working completely if they are stopped abruptly
Which of the following data does not have to be on a prescription? date prescription was filled (dispensed
How does a prescription for DEA controlled substances differ from prescriptions for non-controlled drugs Prescribers must include their DEA number on all controlled substance prescriptions
What is the correct form to express that a drug should be taken "every day"? To prevent confusion, it is recommended that this term not be abbreviated.
What abbreviation should be used if a prescriber wants a drug to be administered immediately stat
What is polypharmacy term is used when patients are taking multiple medications simultaneously
What is it when a patient is noncompliance patients fail to adhere to the prescribed drug regimen
Who in a pharmacy may counsel patients on the appropriate use of a medication pharmacist
what does bid stand for take the medication twice daily
The ophthalmic route applies to medications instilled in the eye
What is the most commonly used guide to drug administration in children? body weight
The patient's Insurance does not have to be written on the prescription
The doctor is not part of the Patients Rights
The inscription is the name of the drug, dose and quantities
A prescription is An order for medication for a patient that is written by a physician or qualified licensed practitioner
What is the term for a patient's adherence to the dose schedule and other particular requirements of the specified regimen Compliance
What physiologic change frequently occurs in aging patients auditory - hearing loss, pulmonary - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) , cardiovascular - hypertension and coronary artery disease , urinary - decreased number of functioning nephrons and incontinence
po stands for orally; by mouth
qid stands for four times a day; four times daily
DAW stands for dispense as written
gtt stands for drop
What term is used to describe the working units of the kidneys nephrons
What is the clinical syndrome resulting from renal dysfunction called? uremia
What is not a potential adverse effect of corticosteroids hypotension due to increased sodium excretion
What do the kidneys regulate blood plasma volume concentration of waste products in the blood electrolyte concentrations plasma acid-base balance
What is the most common form of diabetes type II
which type of diabetes is the patient insulin dependent Type I Diabetes
which type of diabetes does the patient have an insulin deficiency Type II Diabetes
Hyperglycemia is a condition in which blood glucose levels fall below 70mg/dL.
Beta cells are cells which produce insulin and lower blood glucose levels
Who is most likely to benefit from growth hormone (GH) replacement male, age 10
The most common side effect of insulin is hypoglycemia
Basal insulin is slowly released throughout the day and night
The tissue affected by a hormone is called its Target
The endocrine system maintains homeostasis of the body by regulating physiologic functions
hypothyroidism is when the production of thyroid hormones is below normal.
hyperthyroidism is when there is excessive production of the thyroid hormone.
Severe hypothyroid condition may cause a life treatening condition called myxedema
Parenteral route The administration of drugs by injection
Drugs administered by the otic route is through the Ear
Successful aging is characterized by losses in physiologic function that are nonpathologic
When a prescription is issued and dispensed in an institutional setting it is called an order or a medication order
The Beers List refers to A group of drugs that are especially important to monitor for older adult patients
A method of prescribing medications electronically is E-prescribing
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