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Term Final

who is legally allowed to dispense medications pharmacist
antidote for acetaminophen microcyst
what must be done when discarding a narcotic witnessed and double signed
vitamin used for the common cold vitamin c
herb used for depression st johns wart
herb used for prostate hypertrophy saw palmetto
supplements recommended for post-menopausal women calcium, vitamin d, soy milk
can patient take their own vitamins to hospital with them when admitted yes can take with them but must have a doctor order to take
vitamin/mineral used for osteoporosis calcium, vitamin d
mineral for anemia iron
mineral for neural tube defect folic acid
2000 8 pm
BID twice a day
QID four times a day
PRN as needed
HS bedtime, hours of sleep
AC before meals
helps to thin respiratory secretions lots of fluid, humidifier, expectorant
why are antitussives used for non-productive coughs suppresses the cough
patient with HTN, why are they avoiding decongestants raises blood pressure through vasoconstriction
goal for parkinsons treatment maintain movement and activity; to relieve s/s
what cells do chemotherapy target rapidly growing cells
antifungal and corticosteroid therapy lead to what superinfections
lithium is what classification antimanic
CNS stimulant thought to increase levels of norepinephrine & dopamine in areas of the brain responsible for concentration, heightened alertness, and focus ADD/ADHD
troche are administered buccal
antiretroviral drugs are toxic to what organ liver
CMV is treated with what classification antiviral
produces severe sensitivity to alcohol antialcoholic
last resort treatment because it has too many adverse reactions-blocks the activation of MAO enzyme MAOIs
lab study used to monitor frequently due to chemos effect on bone marrow CBC
neutralize HCL and gastric acid antacids
caused by increased cerebral blood flow due to dilated vessels migraine
thins blood and prevents clots anticoagulant
three steps to assure you have the right patient name, dob, wristband
reduces muscle tone and involuntary movement without loss of voluntary motor function muscle relaxant
harmful to fetus teratogenic
blocks action of histamine antihistamine
increases force of contraction, increases cardiac output (digoxin) cardiotonics
dissolves clots thrombolytic
artificially acquired passive immunity globulin
lab tests for heparin PTT
vasoconstriction of nasal mucosa decongestant
medication given for hyperthyroidism propylthiouracil
do not take antidiarrheals for longer than how many days 2
how long till most people feel some positive effect after starting antidepressants 1-4 weeks
OTC drug that has no anti-inflammatory or antiplatelet effects acetaminophen
s/s of hypoglycemia shaking, nervous, cold, clammy, diaphoresis
what must be done before administering digoxin listen to apical pulse for 1 full minute, less than 60 hold med
SL means sublingual
medications used for HIV/AIDS, interfere with ability of a retrovirus antiretroviral
adverse reactions to hyperlipidemia medications gi upset, constipation, n/v/d, muscle weakness
initial treatment for peptic ulcer antacids
can a patient go from heparin to coumadin yes, heparin started first then coumadin is started while weaning off of heparin
example of a decongestant afrin or oxymetazoline
extrapyramidal effects of antipsychotics tardive dyskinesia, hyperreflexia
hypoglycemic - give ___carbs, check BS give ___ 15 grams carbs, protein
diabetes mellitus is a dysfunction with what carbs, glucose, fat, protein
common peptic ulcer medications Pepcid, Maalox, prilosec
sensitivity determines what treatment
to alleviate pruritus, what is recommended colloidal bath
medications slowly absorbed through skin transdermal
storage for NTG SL dark container, no cotton, away from heat/sunlight
oral antidiabetic that has greatest chance of allergies sulfonylureas
regular insulin peak time 2-4 hours
hyperlipidemia refers to what high cholesterol
breaks up gi bubbles antiflatuent
5 steps to nursing process assses, diagnosis, planning, implement, evaluation
creates barrier between fecal matter and colon lubricant lax
antibiotic ordered when organism is unknown broad spectrum
stops virus from growing but cant kill it antiviral
regulates serotonin in brain, do not take st johns wart, can be used for ocd and anxiety SSRI
harmful out of control cell growth malignant
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