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Neo/Peds Final

Conversion formulas and mech vent

Cylinder Duration Duration =2200 x factor/total flow E=.3 G=2.41 H=3.14
Calculating FiO2 (home) (.21 x airflow) + (O2 flow) / total flow
Liquid Cylinder Duration Reservoir wght x 342 / liter flow
Calculating Flow in L/Min Flow rate (L/Sec) = Vt (tidal vol in ml) / I-time (in sec) Convert ml to L and Convert Sec to Min
Calculating Vt (Tidal vol) Vt = Flow Rate (L/Sec) x I-time (sec) Convert L to ml for tidal vol
Calculating I-time I-time(sec) = Vt (L)/Flow Rate (L/sec) Convert ml to L on Vt
Calculating I-time when rate & I:E are unknown Respiratory cycle time / total parts of I:E = necessary I-time Means same as TCT / TP = I-time Resp cycle time = RR bpm must convert Min to Sec
Calculating Corrected Vt Exhaled Vt - Compressed Vol = Corrected Vt; Where Compressed Vol = (PIP - PEEP) x circuit compliance Must end up in ml
Calculating Compressed Volume Comp Vol = (PIP - PEEP) x circuit compliance
Calculating Mean Airway Pressure MAP = PIP (I-time/TCT) + PEEP (E-time/TCT) Remember to add I-time and E-time to get TCT
Calculating Time Constant (Kt) 1 Kt = Compliance (L/cmH2O) x Resistance Remember 3 Kt is required for 95% of Vt to exit lungs Remember convert ml to L
Calculation E-time to achieve RR E-time = 60/desired rate = TCT then TCT - I-time = E-time
Calculating % Solution % Solution = Solution wgt (g) / Solvent Vol (ml) x 100 Remember to convert mg to g
Calculating BiCarb dosage HCO3 dosage = [Pt wt (kg) x base deficit] x .03 Remember: convert mg to g and g to kg
Calculating Oxygen Index (OI) OI = MAP x FiO2 / PaO2 x 100
Goals of Mech Vent Normalize & maintain ABG's; Prevent iatrogenic complications (ie: Barotrauma, infection, sedation); Support pts resp needs
Neonatal Ventilation Normally Time Cycled / Pressure Limited
Pediatric Ventilation Normally Volume Cycled
Neonatal mech vent settings Need PIP, PEEP, RR, I-time, MAP, Vt; Must have readings of Vt and Ve
Most neonatal vents are _______ ________/_________ ___________ vents Time cycled / pressure limited (limited by PIP you set)
What is initial PIP for? To achieve good chest excursion
What does excessive PEP cause? Hyperinflation & barotrauma; ie: PIE, pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, pneumocardium, BPD)
When controlling pressures, ______ directly affects _____ and _____ PIP; Vt and MAP (Paw) Ie: ↑ PIP ↑ Vt ↑ PIP ↑ PaO2 & ↓ PaCO2 by ↑ Ve (PIP also ↑ MAP)
Created by: Beccaboop