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Exam Review ????


Proximal muscle weakness and myalgia (muscle pain) is seen with what condition? hyper or hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism
Burn management of children who takes care of the pain? What is PTs main focus initially? Prevent contractors chest mobility
Rebound affect of stopping beta blockers and exercising? increased HR and BP
Normal response beta blockers have on exercise? abnormal low HR and BP
What is a lisfranc injury/fracture/tarsometatarsal injury/midfoot injury? damage to cartilage of mid foot
Elderly skin changes? decreased sensitivity to touch, perception of pain, temperature and increased injury risk
Diaphragm innervation nerve roots? C3-5
What is hyperinsulinsinism? abnormal high insulin in blood
GH and ST ratio? 2:1
What muscle groups are needed for crutch use? shoulder depressors and extensors elbow extensors
Senses detected by spiothalamic tract? Tempt pain Reception of pressure (crude touch)
What side is the convex side on in a R scoliosis? Right names by convex side
What is the action of lumbricals in regards to the MCP and IP? How do u stretch them? MCP flexion and IP ext Stretch: MCP ext and IP flexion
Dullness w lung percussion means? fluid filled area
Can a PTA show pts their charts without asking the PT? Yes
what is atelectasis? Partial or complet collapse of lung
How many hours post of from finger tendon repair can ROM be started and how should it be started? 48-72 hours Active antagonist and passive agonist (active ext and passive flexion for flexor repair)
What is a cat ion vs anion charge? Cat = - anion = +
what into meds are negative? dexamethazon acetate iodine salicilate all rest are ++
When the mouth opens in a C or S shape and moves back to midline it is called what? Deviation
When opens i s C or S shape and never comes back to midline it is called what? Deflection
When TMJ deviates to contralateral side and is side pops out is called? Subluxation
when there is a laterotrusion asymmetry of the TMJ what is wrong? inernal derangement
lateral pole TMJ tenderness is usually? vs posterior pole? capsulities Retrodiscitis
asculatated brutish means? anneurysim
Percussion and normal sound over organ vs abnormla sound? normal dull abnormal: TYmpakic (hallow) fluid
normal liver height 8-10 cm
when is there pain w rebound tendernes? release
what is murphys sign? liver palpation enlarged or cholysistitis
Positive shifting dullness test? liver psorosis extra fluid
+ AAA width normal abd aorta width 5 cm 3-5cm
Murphys percussion + for? kidney involvement
Heel drop or heel jar test is + for? peritonitis or appendicitis
Mcburneys point/blumburge sign or pinch and inch tests for? where? appendiciits right perotinitis left
lowest apgar score w HP > 100 2
VBI testing tests which artery side roated away from
max elbow loose pack position 70 deg
Serous and sanguinous wound excudate? Ser: healthy light colored clear SAN: red thin water both normal
Serosanguinous wound excudate color? light red/pink thin watery normal
seropurulent wound color? cloudy opaque thin watery yellow tan early sign of infection
Purulent wound color? Viscous, yellow, gree infection
shin splint vs stress fracture s&S? Shin: diffuse, lack edema Stress fx: localized pn, swelling
Reliability coefficients demonstrate what level of reliability? good
Hip capsular pattern? Flexion, IR, ABD
where is the axis at in bariatric/obese WC? forward for more efficient arm push
what can happen after exercises when ppl are on satins? myalgia, crmaping, stiffness, spasm, weakness
What is the crede maneuver? pressing down on bladder w both hands to induce voiding
What is a prospective cohort study look at? a group (cohort) forward in time (prospective)
exercises guidelines for claudication to get blood flow benefits to claudiied areas? 2/4 on claudication scale?
Types of salter harris fractures? what is it? 5 epiphysial plate fractures
For SCI hamstring length needs to be achieve ___ for long sitting? 110 deg
Cherry red skin is indicative of___? carbon monoxide poisoning
CHF skin color? slightly bluish slate colored
Fim level of 7? complete independent
FIm levle of 4? Min assistance
Fim level of 1? Complete assitance
What imaging is best to detect progress of MS? MRI (w contrast is even better)
What does the phrenic nerve innervate? C3-5 diaphragm
what should be strengthened if the phrenic nerve is damaged? Scalenes
What is normal hemodynamic response to BP after exercises? it is lower than normal resting
common adverse effects of nitrates, diuretics, beta blockers, calcium antagonists? hypotension and dizziness
What is a arnoldchiari malformation? cerebellum and medulla herniate through foramen
minimum recommended aerobic training session total time per day? 2o min
normal increae r decrease of dastolic pressure is? 10 mmHg
what hip protrudes w structureal scoliosis? opposite
how do u do airway clearance w a chest tube? around it
Lumbar traction for posterio disc involvment should be in what position? prone no pillow
Cervical traction postion for upper, middle and lower? upper neutral to 0-5 deg middle 10-20 flex lower 25-30 deg flex
internal intercostals are active in what motion? forced exhale
PD pt listening to music at what beats per min has shown to improge gait and decrease FOG? 80-100 beats/min
what glide imporved calcaneal supination? lateral glide
CRPS stage 1 symptoms? hyperplasia allodynia hyperpathia edema increased sweating thin shiny skin
CRPS stage 2 symptoms increased pain w edea atrophic skin nail changes
CRPS late stage 3 symptoms? spreading pain hardening of edema cool dry cyanitic skin developing Osteoporisis ankylosing
ecrease in systolic pressure w exercises indicates? inability to maintian CO
Created by: KelsM
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