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PSYC Assignment 2

Campus Resources

Developmental Math Lab Helps students enrolled in mathematics courses - Go over concepts on homework and prepare them for quizzes/tests - Will not do homework for student, teach the class material, or take quizzes/tests
TRiO Student Support Services Helps students reach their full academic potential - Tutoring, mentoring, coaching, and guidance - Preparation for future (graduation, leadership skills, career options, etc.) Academic tools (computer lab, study area, laptop lending, etc.)
Counseling Helps students work towards their academic, personal, and career goals
Disabilities Helps students find the proper resources needed for them to enroll and complete their courses to graduate
Student Life Helps students connect with other students that have similar interests through clubs and organizations
Career Services Helps students find and use tools to succeed where they want personally and professionally
Advising Helps students register for the proper classes, teaches them about on-campus resources, and answers general questions
Testing Helps create ideal testing environments for students
Student Financial Services Helps students understand and apply for financial aid, scholarships, and grants
Fitness & Recreation Gives students a place to stay physically and mentally healthy throughout the school year
Library Provides students with rentable literature, study areas, and endless databases for research
Speaking, Reading, and Writing Center Helps students with all things words - Brainstorming - Organization - Formatting - Presentations
COM Police Work to keep students, faculty, and vehicles safe as well as inforce campus rules (smoking, parking, etc.)
Child Development Education Provides evening childcare on campus for infants, toddlers, and preschool children
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