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Arthrogypsois Congenital disorder rigid joints sausage limbs weak/nonfunctioning
Dx quality f fibromyalgia? 11-18 tender points
Fibro vs RSD pathology? RSD abnormal Sympathetic reflex Fibro immuni disorder
What is elevated with gout? Urn acid
osteocondritis Dissecans articular cartilage separates from bone
oseomyelitis acute or chonic bone infection
pages disease slow metabolic bone disease 1) bone loss 2) abnormal bone growth die CHF
Juvenile arthritis age? before 16
OA? degenerative morning stiffness < 30 min Hebrdens nodes asymmetrical spine and everything else
RA? autoimmune morning stiffness > 30 min symmetrical extremities and cervical (not spine)
Sjogrens Syndrome? dryness of mucous membranes, joint inflamed, anemai
Systemeic Lupus Erythematousis? rheumatic inflammatoru disorder of connective tissue butterfly rash overwhelming fatigue
what holds the TMJ disc in place? SLR Superior retrodiscal lamina
Mouth functional Open normal ROM? 40 deg
Medial vs lateral pterygoid actions? medial: elevate and protrude lateral: depress & protrude
mandible laterotrusion 10-15mm
if there is a TMJ click that means? 1 vs 2? the disc is popping out out then in
where is a banker labrum lesion? ant inferior
where is a hill each lesion? lnferior labrum
what is the mumford peocedue used for? AC osteolysis wt lifter shoulder
Frozen shoulder stages? 1: < 3 mon 2: v ROM all 3-9 mon 3: pain stiff loss ROM 9-14 mon 4: thawing 12-18 month
Total shoulder expected elevation and ER ROM El: < 90 ER < 20
Fist 30 deg of GH motion main muscle? deltoid
> 30 deg GH motion main muscles? supraspinatus infraspinaus, terens minor, subscap
GH & scap Upwward rotation coupling? SA & upper and lower trap
Tennis elbow Is? Golf elbow? lateral epicondylitis medial epicondylitis
Volkmanns ischemic contracture? wrist drop
pronator teres syndrome nerve affected? median
elbow fx sign? + fat pad
Nurse maids elbow MI? longitudual pull force
little league elbow location? medial elbow
what does the finger 5-4th digit attach do? hamate
what does the 3 finger digit attach to Capitate
what does the 2nd digit attach to trapazoid and trapezium
intersection syndrome? swelling and crepitus over listers tubecle
Does FDS or FDP go to the DIP? FDS
jersey finger/sweater sign injury? FDS injury DIP stuck extended
Mallet finger had damage to? common extensor tendon at DIP
Central slip/boutonniere damage to? common extensor tendon at PIP
Swan neck deformity is damage to? oblique retinaculum lit o extensor mechanism
Guyons syndrome entraps what nerve? ulnar nerve
Claw hand is from palsy of what nerve? ulnar
contence of carpal tunnel? FDP FDS FPL Median nerve
B carpal tunnel is red flag for? pregnany hyperthyroid DM
Ape and is from what nerve palsy? median
wartenburge syndrome is typically from? wrist watch compression of radial nerve
Wrist drop is typically from palsy of what nerve? Radial
Dupuytrens contracture? < ext of fingers 4 and or 5 can not place palm flat not painful Grandma
Scapholunate instability mOI> FOOSH w wrist ext and UD
lictman test is for? mid carpal instability proximal carpal row rest volar
TFCC MOI? ulnocarpal loading in pronation
Colles fx location and MOI? "diner fork" distal radius transverse w distal radius posterior displacement FOOSH
Smiths fx locaiotn and MOI? distal transvers radius w distal radius going anterior Fall on flexed hand reverse colles
Boxers 5th? 5 metacarpal
Bennets fx? bas of first MC
Keinbocks disease? dislocation all ROM hurt TTP lunate
Shoulder sign of thumb is seen in? 1st CMC OA
OA vs RA location in hands? OA: DIP Heberdens nodes RA: PIP & MC bochard nodes
Complex regional pain syndrome/RSD Type I vs Tpye II? 1: noxious event 2: direct/partial or compelte nerve brach involvment
joint capsul tightness vs muscle tightness of DIP test? hains zonolli
unable to make a circle shape with fist tow digits what nerve involvement? median nerve
Elsons test is for? central slip
inguinal vs femral hernia? femoral distal to ligament ingunaial above lig
Tests for dysplasia? Ortolani Barlow
legg calve perches disease? avascular necorsis
Legg calve perthes vs slippd capital femoral S&S Slipped = shortened limb
Reiters syndrome inflamed eyes and binary tract
medial meniscus involvement MOI vs lateral? more lateral ROT for medial meniscus more medial rot for lat meniscus
Clark sign is for? patellafemoral dysfunction
Ballotable patella Test for? infrapatella effusion
Hx w chondromalciaof patella Active tean patella dislocaiton
pivot shift test is for? ACL
Godfey test is for PCL
what MMT is painful w poster tub tendonitis/dysfunciton? IV
what nerve is irritates w tarsal tunnel syndrome? posterior tib
severs disease in what age? what is it B heel pain page 8-13
bike test + an pain increase w prolonged standing and walking like is? stenosis
Disc pathology pn decreases typically? when stand and walk and certain position
Spondylosis Def? synthesis and breakdown of tissue
Spondylolysis? Scotty dog pars stress fracture
Spondylolistheisis forward slip of 1 vert over another typically L4/5
Breighton test is for? excessive mobility/laxity
+ SLR at 20-70 deg vs 80-90 deg? 27 neural 89 soft tissue
what condition has bamboo spine? ankylosis spondylitis
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