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General Info


pneumonic to read X-ray? A: alignment b: bone density C: cartilage space
what color is Air on an Xray? black
what color is bone on X-ray? light gray
what color is metal on X-ray? white
Objects with decreased radio density will be what color? vs Increasing radio density? v black ^ white
MRI or CT better for soft tissue? MRI
Bone scans/Bone scintigraphy is good for? bone metabolic activity stress fx tumors
Angiogram looks at? blood vessels live w X-ray, CT< or MRI
What is the gold standard for bone mineral density? DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry)
Positron emission tomography (PET) is good for seing? non perfused areas of heart dementia, stroke, seizures, tumors
Ventilation perfusion (V/Q) is good for seeing? pulmonary emboli
Fluroscopy is good for seeing? Diaphragmatic excursion
OM for Concussion? SCAT 5
OM for vestibular? CTSIB
OM for Cervical? NDI
OM for shoulder? DASH SPADI
OM for elbow and hand? DASH
OM for LBP? Oswestry
OM for Hip pain? HOOS
OM for knee? KOOS
OM for Ankle? FAAM
OM for TBI? rancho cog log glascow coma
OM for coordination? SARA 9 hole peg
OM for muscle performance? 5x sit to stand
OM for standing balance? Cut off? BERG ( 45/56) mCTSIB DGI (< 19 community dweller) minibest
OM for sitting balance? FIST
OM for PD? W/C level? UPDRS Modified Hohn Yahr (5)
OM for Stroke? Cut off Fugel meyer > 19/66
OM for AMpuation? Cut off? TUG (13.5 sec) AMPPRO PEQ
CP5-12 yo OM? GMFM
OM for motor coordination and balance of 4-21 yo? Bruininks Oseretsky test of motor proficiency
Kids birth to 72 months OM? Peabody Developmental motor scale
Kids birth to 42 months OM? Bayley
Depression OM? cut off? beck depression inventory (17 med help) Geriatric depression scale PHQ9
Cognition OM? Cog log mini mental MoCA
Mobility OM? Cut off? 5x STS > 15 sec faller
Functional reach cut off? 7 in
Canadian Cspine rule for needing X-rays? glascocoma 15 stale condition > = 65 yo dangerous MOI parathesias
safe assessment for ROM and no need for X-ray if? sipel MVA no contact w oncoming trafic hit by similar vehicle no roll over sit upright in ER walk in delayed on set of neck pn no acute neck pain no mid spinous process tenderness Cspine ROT 45 deg B
CPR for cervical Radic? + ULLT + spurlings + compression < 60 deg c rot
Frozen shoulder CPR? age 45-60 PROM ER loss > 50% 90-90 los 30% at side
Shoulder impincement CPR neers + Hawkin kennedy + Painful arc _ lat cap slide test + instability +
AC dysfunction CPR? horizontal Add resisted horicontal ext test obrien test compression TTP
Carpal Tunnel CPR hand shaking Wrist ration > 0.67 symptom severity score > 1.9 v median sensory of 1st ray age > 45
SI dysfunction CPR? distraction thigh thrust gaenslens test sacral thrust compression
ottawa knee rule CPR for xray? > 55 isolated patella tenderness without boney tenderness tenderness of rib head inability to flex 90 deg inability to bear wt immediately after or 4 steps at eval
meniscus pathology CPR Hx catching jintline tenderness bounce test pn max knee flexion AROM + mcmurrays tet
Ottawa ankle rule for X-ray? pn in B malleoli on at base of 5th pn at navicular pn in midfoot inability to wt bear immediately after injury unable to take 4 steps during eval
Cervical thrust manip CPR? < 38 days pn + belief it will help difference in c rot of > 10 deg pn w PA spring testing of mid Cspine
traction for neck pn CPR 55 yo or older peripheralization of pn w C4-7 mobility assessment + shoulder ABD test + ULLT + distraction test
lumbar stabilization will be unsuccessful CPR? > 50% on oswestry < 40 yo SLR > 91% aberrant motions present + prone instability
Lumbar stabilization will be successful CPR? < 50% on ODI 9 pt higher on FABQ no aberrant movments no lumbar hypermobility - prone instability
Fat solubel Vitamins and where stored? ADEK liver and fat
Water Soluble vitamins? B,C,
vit A for? eyes
Vit D for? increase blood flow
Vit E for? antioxidants
Vit K for? synthesis clotting
B2 riboflavin or? dissolve macros
B6 Niacin for? metabolism
B12 vit for? cell and hemoglobin synthesis
Vit C for? fight infections and facilitate wound healing
magnesium helps w? strong bones, teeth Heart beat
Copper helps w? Lipid motabolism
Iron helps w? o2 transport
Zinc aids in? immune function and cell division
DMARDs increase pt risk of___? infection
Beta 1 drugs act on? Beta 2 drugs act on ? heart Lungs
Beta drugs change what w exercise? Decrease HR
calcium channel blockers cause? Bradycardia peripheral vasodilation
alpha 1 blockers can cause? syncope headache palpatations sedation depression
after _____nitrates given for angina call EMS? 3
on Digoxin need to check pulse where? apical
warfin and heparin are? antigoagulants
on Anticoagulants and thrombolytics pt at risk of? hemorage
On statins for?? what problems can occur? cholesterol manage NMR weakness, GI upset
Tricyclics for antidepressants need to watch? orthostatic hypotension
Anti anxiety drugs? benzodiazapines antianxiety
what is rebound effect of psych drugs? insomnia and increased anxiety
Bioavailability? % of meds that reach the systemic circulation
to cross blood brain barrier meds need? high lipid soluble
Prodrugs are? ex? inactive when administered and converted to active by the liver crotisone njection
half life? a mount of time it takes plasma concentrate to drop 50%
antagonist drugs? block receptors
anticholinergic drugs have characteristic of? no sweating, palpitations, mental status changes, dry skin
Drugs that affect pulmonary system? opiates (depression) non specific Beta blockers (broncho spasm) chemo (pulm infiltrates)
Cellulitis vs Dermitis? Derm: oozing, crusting, scaling, itching c: "orange skin"
how high should the foot of the bed be elevated w DVT? 6 in
What is hemophilia? inherited blood clotting disorder
Dermitis vs Psoriasis? D: inflammatory red, edema, oozing, crusting, scaling, itching P: chronic skin disease (silver, scales, plaques)
What is scleroderma? characteristics? chronci difusse disease of connective tissue Fibrotic and contractors of everything
acute healing phase lasts? Focus? 0-3 days v swelling and pain PRICE MEM
Inflammatory phase lasts how long? Focus? v swelling and pain
how do u know injury has moved into inflammatory stage? decreased swelling & discoloration
Proliferation/Fibroblastic Repair stage length? focus 4-10 days v pain, muscle pump, ^ circulation faciliate lymohatic flow
Maturation remodeling phase is from? focus day 7 to recovery v pain, ^ circulation, lymph flow
Lumbar stenosis CPR: B S&S leg pin > back pain pn increases with walking and standing pain decreases w sitting age > 48
Ankylosis Spondylosis CPR? pan dec w exercise wake 1/3 of night due to pain am stiffness > 30 min buttock pain
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