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internet security2

words you should know

Spam junk emails and other messages tat you don´t want to receive
Phishing collecting passwords, bak account, numbers and other personal information. Criminals may create false web pages to collect information, or victims may receive false emails from banks or credit-card companies
ciber-bullying personal attaks and other forms of online abuse
sexting online messages that include sexual content
Sniffers a program that detects and records all the activities on a computer. It could record everything typed on the keyboard (passwords, bak account and other personal date).
Malware a secret computer program that is designed to steal information or cause other problems
cookie a computer file with information that is transmited to a server when someone uses the internet
Firewall Hardware or software designed to prevent unauthorised access to a computer or network from another computer or network.
Hacker Someone who violates computer security for malicious reasons, kudos or personal gain.
Password A secret series of characters used to authenticate a person’s identity.
Spyware Malware that passes information about a computer user’s activities to an external party.
Worm Malware that replicates itself so it can spread to infiltrate other computer
Vulnerability A flaw or weakness that can be used to attack a system or organization.
Created by: jotace73
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