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Pharmacology Exam 3

This vitamin increases the risk of bleeding. Vitamin E
Antibiotic class that ends in -cillin Penicillins
This type of insulin is long-acting and cannot be mixed with other insulins. Glargine
A patient having an acute asthma attack comes to the ER for treatment. What medication will the nurse administer as a first line of defense? Albuterol
Which drug decreases nasal congestion slowly and produce CNS and cardiovascular stimulation, but do not cause rebound congestion, and are suited for long-term use? Phenylephrine
What are two major mucosal aggressive factors of peptic ulcer disease (PUD)? H.pylori and NSAIDs
What is the biggest risk associated with water-soluble vitamins? They may cause deficiency because they are easily excreted.
A patient is receiving TPN fluids via IV. What is an important nursing assessment? Asses the IV site
This is a short-acting insulin that can be administered by IV or subQ, it is the most common insulin used. Regular Insulin
This drug is a member of the opioid family, it is the most effective cough suppressant available? Codeine
A patient had a CT scan completed, what must the nurse take into consideration when administering Metformin? The nurse has to wait 48 hours before administering the Metformin because of the contrast dye.
What is the biggest risk associated with fat-soluble vitamins? Toxicity
A patient is taking inhaled glucocorticoids. What should be included in the patient teaching about preventing infection? The patient should rinse and gargle after each administration of the inhaled glucocorticoid.
What is the most common adverse effect of inhaled glucocorticoids? Thrush
What is the most serious concern when taking glucocorticoids long-term? Adrenal Suppression
Which vitamin should be administered with iron to increase absorption? Vitamin C
A patient is ordered a beta agonist inhalant (albuterol) and an anticholinergic inhaler (ipratropium).How should these medications be administered? Administer the beta agonist inhalant 5 minutes before the anticholinergic inhaler.
Antibiotic class that ends in cycline Tetracyclines
A patient with TB is showing characteristic signs of jaundice what drug(s) may have been prescribed? Isoniazid, Rifampin, Pyrazinamid
This drug decreases nasal congestion rapidly and produce minimal systemic effects, but cause rebound congestion when used for more than a few days. Afrin
What medication is the only lower respiratory drug that causes quick relief? Albuterol
These two antibiotic classes increase the effects of digoxin and warfarin. Tetracyclines and Macrolides
Which medication is used to promote gastric ulcer healing by providing a protective barrier? Sucralfate
A patient is admitted to the hospital for dehydration. What fluid will be administered to replace both the patient's fluids and electrolytes? Isotonic Solution/Normal Saline Solution
A patient with liver disease is prescribed Lactulose although he is not constipated. Why was Lactulose prescribed? Lactulose enhances intestinal excretion of ammonia (NH3)
The nurse should constantly monitor the output, BUN and creatinine levels for a patient on this antibiotic? Gentamicin
What vitamin increases the risk of clotting? Vitamin K
What is the most abused laxative? Stimulants (Bisacodyl)
Toxicities may occur in what organs as part of antibiotic therapy? Liver, Kidney, Ear
Antibiotic class that ends in -micin Aminoglycosides
What are common side effects of all antibiotics? N/V/D
This vaccine is contraindicated for TB skin test. BCG Vaccine
An asymptomatic patient with a positive TB skin test may have what type of TB? Latent TB
A nurse should warn a patient on this drug about the harmless orange color of body fluids that may appear. Rifampin
What are standard baseline assessments for TB? LFTs and Eye Exams
A patient on this diuretic may develop hyperglycemia or have elevated blood lipids. Hydrochlorothiazide
This electrolyte should NEVER be given IV push. Potassium
A patient treated for a UTI, developed bone marrow depression after long term use of a medication in this antibiotic class. Sulfonamides (TMP-SMZ)
A patient takes NSAIDs for polyarthralgia, what initial medication may have caused this disease? Pyrazinamide
How should the nurse evaluate treatment of TB? Sputum culture, CXR, Clinical evaluation
Why is TB a public health threat? It's very communicable.
A nurse is assessing a patient who has been prescribed antibiotics. What are priority labs the nurse must conduct? BUN, Creatinine, ALTs, ASTs
A nurse is caring for a patient prescribed opioids for pain. Why would the nurse administer Bisacodyl in addition to the opioid? Stimulant laxatives (Bisacodyl) are given to patients to prevent side effects of other medications such as constipation.
A patient prescribed Isonaizid may also take vitamin B6 to counteract what disease? Peripheral neuritis
It is important to teach patients on this antibiotic to take Tylenol for pain, NOT NSAIDs because they can cause seizures. Levofloxacin
This drug sensitizes the body to insulin, but is not considered an insulin. Metformin
A patient finds out she is pregnant. What should the nurse include in patient teaching? Pregnant women should take Folic Acid to prevent deficiencies and neurological problems (spina bifida) in their newborn.
What should the nurse teach a patient who has been prescribed Erythromycin? DO NOT TAKE WITH ANTACIDS!
A 5-year old patient has been prescribed doxycycline. Why should the nurse question this order? Tetracyclines affects the formation of permanent teeth in kids less than 8 years old.
Antibiotic class that has TMP-SMZ Sulfonamides
What is an important patient teaching for females taking antibiotics? Use a backup contraceptive because most antibiotics interfere with oral contraceptives
Used in neuro trauma to decrease ICP, IV use only, Unpredictable effects on electrolytes, Crystallizes Mannitol
Which two labs should the nurse draw when administering Vancomycin and Gentamicin? Peak and Trough
Antibiotic class that ends in -floxacin Flouroquinolones
Which vitamins are fat-soluble? Vitamins A, K, E, D
This diuretic causes orthostatic hypotension, ototoxicity and interacts w/ Digoxin. Furosemide
Which population is more at risk for TB? HIV/AIDS patients and immunocompromised
Antibiotic class that has -cef or -cep in the drug name Cephalosporins
A nurse is assessing a patient prescribed Penicillin. It is important for the nurse to ask the patient about what during her initial assessment? Allergies
A patient with TB develops optic neuritis, what drug has been prescribed? Ethambutol
Blocks the action of aldosterone, Patient excretes Na+ and water, but retains K+, Risk of hyperkalemia Spironolactone
What is an important nursing consideration when administering ancef? Mixing with lidocaine reduces the pain of the injection
Antibiotic class that ends in -mycin Macrolides
A drug that renders cough more productive by stimulating the flow of respiratory tract secretions. Expectorant (Guaifenesin)
drugs that suppress cough, fall into two major groups: (1) opioid and (2) non-opioid Antitussives
Prototype drug for expectorants Guaifenesin
Prototype drug for intranasal glucocorticoids Beclomethasone
A condition in which T3 and T4 are low and TSH is elevated Hypothyroidism
This is a synthetic form of T3 and T4 used to treat Hypothyroidism Levothyroxine
A patient with a history of Hypothyroidism and has been on Levothyroxin comes in with complaints of weight loss, increased heart rate, agitation, and insomnia? What do you expect may be the cause? Too much medication
Why should a patient who is undergoing hormone replacement therapy not show any adverse effects? You're replacing the amount of hormones that a patient would normally make so if you see adverse effects they are receiving too much medication.
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