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Chest final review

Injury to the right side requires which positions? RPO and LAO
Injury to the left side requires which positions? LPO and RAO
Why is a chest X-ray performed at 72” To reduce magnification of the heart.
Central ray is at what level T7
List all views with no tube angle that is shot at T7 level PA upright, Lat upright, Lateral decubitus, RAO/LAO , LAO/RAO, AP supine
Ap lordotic is X-rayed at what degree? Cephalic 15•
Name the four structures in the mediastinum? Trachea, Esophagus, Heart, Thymus
On inspiration, the diaphragm moves _______ Down/Inferior
On expiration, the diaphragm moves ______ Up/Superior
What is excursion? Movement of the diaphragm.
Why is the patient erect for the chest radiography? A: Allows lungs to fully inflate B: Prevents heart engorgement C: Shows air/Fluid levels
Name the two views of the chest? PA and Left Lateral
Why are decubitus views performed? To see air/ fluid levels
Which two obliques show the left lung? RAO/LPO
What does the lordotic view of the chest show? Apices
Which two obliques show the right lung? LAO/RPO
The _______ aspect of the hand is placed on the hips during a PA chest. Posterior
Why are the shoulders rolled forward for a PA chest? To remove the scapula from the lung field.
How many ribs should be shown on a good chest radiography? 10
Why should the chin be raised on a leteral chest? To prevent superimposition with the lung field.
How is rotation checked on a PA chest? SC joints should be equidistant from the sternum.
How is rotation checked on a lateral chest? Ribs and costophrenic angles should be superimposed.
How many lobes in the right lung? 3
How many loves are in the left lung? 2
What separates the lobes of the lung? Fissures
What is the structure that separates the thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity? Diaphragm
Name the lining of the lung? Pleura
Name the lining of the lung? Parietal pleura
What is the membrane covering the lungs called? Visceral pleura
What is superior part of the lung? Apex
What is the inferior part of the lung? Base
What is the area called where the primary bronchi enters the lung? Hilus
What is the area called where the trachea splits and branches in two? Carina
How many parts are in the respiratory system and name them?? 1: Pharynx 2: Larynx 3: Trachea 4: Primary Bronchi 5: Secondary bronchi 6: Bronchioles 7: Alveoli
Define atelectasis: Movement of the diaphragm
Define emphysema: Dialated alveoli
Define pleurisy: Inflammation of the pleura
Define pneumothorax: Trapped air in the thoracic cavity.
What is the largest artery in the body? Aorta
What carries blood towards the heart? Veins
Is the trachea more anterior or is the esophagus? Trachea
Atelectasis requires a _____ in X-ray exposure? Increase
A cancerous tumor requires a _____ in X-ray exposure? Increase
Osteoporosis requires a _____ in X-ray exposure? Decrease
Pleural effusion requires a _____ in X-ray exposure? Increase
Pneumothorax requires a ______ in X-ray exposure? Decrease
Pleurisy requires a _____ in X-ray exposure? Increase
Emphysema requires a ______ in X-ray exposure? Decrease
What is the disadvantage of an AP over a PA chest X-ray? Magnification of the heart.
What is critical factor shown on erect chest and abdominal X-rays? Air and fluid levels
What can the technologist do to remove the scapula from the lung field? Roll the shoulders forward.
For the average female chest X-ray the CR should be about __ inches below the vertebral prominent? Seven
A general rule states that radiographic grids must be used in chest radiographs for ——- Exposures of 100 kVp or greater
Lowest, widest portion of lung where the diaphragm meets the ribs? Costophrenic angle
What does increased inspiration allow? Better visualization of pulmonary vessels
What is a sign of adequate inspiration? 10 ribs are seen in the X-ray
When a child aspirates an object, what lobe does it usually enter? Right medial lobe (RML)
What lung lobe is most likely to develop pneumonia due to aspiration? Right medial lobe (RML)
Why are the back of the hands placed low on the hips? To avoid costophrenic angles
Why do you depress the shoulders? To move the clavicles below the apices
How do you remove the scapulae from the lung field? Rotate shoulders forward
What does the AP lordotic demonstrate? The apices of the lungs without the clavicles in the lung field.
Where is the land mark for the thyroid cartridge anterior? C4
Define pleural effusion? Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural space (cavity)
Define pleurisy? Also known as pleuritis. Inflammation of the pleura
Pneumothorax Collection of the air in the pleural space. Caused by a disease, tumor or trauma.
COPD Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease Chronic persistent obstruction of the air flow through bronchial tubes and lungs.
Atelectasis An airless portion of the lung caused by a tumor or other obstruction
What are the four body habitus to be considered in the technical factors in performing a chest X-ray Asthenic, hyposthenic, sthenic, hypersthenic
Voice box Larynx
Cartilage covering the larynx? Epiglottis
Wind pipe Trachea
Alveoli Alveolar air sacs
Created by: Waltguzman