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Ch. 20 Sect. 1 Vocab

East Asia Today

meditation the practice of using concentration to quiet and control thoughts
animism a belief that everything, including objects in nature, has a soul
polytheism the belief in more than one god
monotheism a belief in one god
porcelain a type of strong ceramic pottery
movable type a printing invention in which individual characters can be moved to create different pages of text
multinational corporation a large company based in one country that establishes branches in several others
economic globalization the practice of economic activities being conducted across national borders
anime a style of animation or cartoon developed in Japan
manga a type of Japanese comic book
bullet train a train that travels more than 125 miles per hour, and is shaped like a bullet
magnetic levitation type of train that rides on a cushion of air over tracks laid with many powerful magnets
Created by: ltandbob