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General Integ


Indolent log standing (painless wound) that is very slow to heal characteristics of a venous insufficiency ulcer)
Induration hardening of skin around slow healing process pressure sores or venous insufficiency ulcers
purulent wound that has pus and infected
Types of herpes Herpes simplex: mouth cold sores Herpes simplex 2: gentile herpes Zoster: (shingles)
What virus is warts? HPV
what is ring worm called? Tinea corporis
What is athletes foot called? tinea pedis
characteristics of lupus? chronic auto immune Red raised scaly rash
condition associated w scleroderma? Raynauds
Plymyositis? autoimmune reaction connective tissue rapid onset proximal muscles
malignant melamnoma S&S? swelling redness oozing/bleeding itch, burn, pain
Normal ABI? 1-1.4
+ Arterial ABI range? 0.91-<-0.50
Normal capillary refil? 3 sec
Normal albumin and what does it mean? 20-40 2.5 day nutrition
Wagner scale for DM wounds? No open lesions Superficial Ulcer Deep ulcer Deep Ulcer Gangrene digit Gangrene foot = disarticualtion
Pressure Ulcer Wound Scale? 1 intact skin, no blanch, skin altered 2 partial thickness, blister, shallow red, shinny, no slough 3 full thickness --> fat 4 Full thickness--> bone unstable: necrotic
what wound dressing is good for min excudate? gauze hydrocolloid transparent films
Whatwound dressing is good for mod excudate? hydrogel Amorphic hydrogel when infected
what wound dressing is good fro a lot of excudate? alginate
US for wounds setting? 20-50 KHz long wave
topical yeast topical? Silver sulfadiazine
topical for fungal? provide iodine
What does E stim do for wounds? Settings? increase circulation debride enhance tissue repair HV pulsed, DC continuous, Biphasic
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