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Ch. 6 Sect. 2 Vocab

Central America & the Caribbean Today

infrastructure the basic systems of a society such as roads, bridges, sewers, and electricity
reserve land set aside for a special purpose such as farming, preserving habitats, or housing specific groups of people; a future supply (of oil)
policy the official guidelines and procedures of an organization or government
marketing advertising and promotion for a product or business
standard of living the level of goods, services, and material comforts of people in a country
food security easy access to enough food
global warming the increase in Earth's average temperature since the mid-20th century
malnutrition the lack of enough food or nourishment
surpus extra
migrate to move from one place to another
remittance money sent to a person in another place
habitat the natural environment of a living plant or animal
ecotourism a way of visiting natural areas that conserves the natural resources of the region
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