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Ch. 4 Sect. 1 Vocab

North America Today

diversity variety
indigenous native to the area in which something is found
immigrant a person who takes up permanent residence in another country
tolerance acceptance of others' beliefs
mass media communication from a single source with the potential to reach large audiences
smartphone a handheld device that combines communication and software applications
global worldwide
mobile movable
manufacturing the use of machines to make raw materials into usable products
fiber optic glass fibers used to send digital code quickly across great distances
recession a slowdown in economic growth
petroleum raw material used to produce oil
ethanol a liquid alcohol removed from sugarcane or corn that can be used as a fuel alone or blended with gasoline
hybrid a vehicle that can use either electricity or gas to run
wind turbine an engine powered by wind to generate electricity
naturalization the process that someone born in another country follows to become a citizen
due process in the United States, rules that authorities must follow in dealing with citizens
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