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Ch. 3 Sect. 1 Vocab

North America Geography & History

contiguous connected in one block
temperate mild, in terms of climate
glacier a large mass of ice and packed snow
export to send to another country for aid or profit
drought a long period with little or no precipitation
commercial agriculture the business of producing crops to sell
cordillera a system of several parallel mountain ranges
rainshadow effect process in which moist air rises up a mountain range and then cools and falls as precipitation, leaving the other side of the range mostly dry
dam a barrier that controls the flow of water
peninsula a body of land surrounded on three sides by water
subsistence farming farming to grow only enough food for families to eat, not to sell
aquifer a layer of rock beneath Earth that contains water
cenote an underground pool of water
sustainable capable of being continued without damaging the environment or using up resources permanently
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