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On Course to Success

Psychology for Success

Developmental Math Lab Have tutors that will help you with homework, assignment concept, rework incorrect answers from homework, quizzes and test. They will help with organization and study habits and more.
Student Support Services and Trio Support for the students. They offer workshops, mentor services and help with registration to name a few. What the student needs are they will help or point you in the right direction.
Counseling Provide problem solving, study skills, effective communication, and more
Disabilities Help and accommodate students with any impairments or disabilities to accomplish their goals.
Student Life Clubs, Organizations and Student Government Associations.
Career Services Help with finding a job, or deciding on a major, they can help with personal or professional success.
Advising Career assessments, guidance on choosing a major or successful completion of your major.
Testing Used for College Programs, course placement and certifications. Located: Enrollment Center, A-126
Student Financial Services Help and guidance with financial aid, work study program, loans and scholarships.
Fitness and Recreation Located: Gym ( next to Technical-Vocational bldg.) or Student Center Rm 120
Library Provide college level resources and a variety of online database searches.
Speaking, Reading, and Writing Center Provide tutoring with public speaking, reading and writing skills
COM police Campus security needs
Child Development Education lab school on campus for infant, toddler, and preschool children. It also provides evening child care. Qualified students can apply for the Perkins Grant to allow for assistance in paying for daycare.
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