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Pharm ATI Review

Pharmacolgoy flashcards based on ATI remediation

Diphenhydramine 1st Gen H1 Agonist Antihistamine (aka Benadryl) Cause sedation, anticholinergic effects, CNS Depression, GI discomfort
-zine Antihistamine Ex. Promethazine (Phenergan), Cetirizine (Zyrtec)
-olol Beta Adrenergic Blockers Lower BP (Fall risk), lower HR, Vasodilation for angina, given for glaucoma, do not use for asthma (wheezes) Not for bronchospasm or heart failure
-pam /-lam Benzodiazepines ex. Diazapam, lorazapam, Alprazolam GABA sustainers for anxiety, seizures, insomnia Cause CNS depression, toxicity, withdrawal Cat D, schedule IV Short-term
Drug for alcohol withdrawal Diazapam (BENZOS ARE PRIORITY TREATMENT IN EMERGENCY) Disulfuram: antabuse, unpleasant rxn to alcohol, used for maintainance
Antidote for APAP Acetylcysteine (aka Mucomyst)
Other name for Colace Docusate Sodium Stool softener
Priority Order for Constipation 1. Fluid, Fiber, Exercise 2. Metamucil (psyllium) or Docusate Sodium = stool soft 3. Miralax or Senna = stimulants, fine for renal 4. Milk of Mag (magnesium hyroxide) = bad for renal failure! 5. Suppositories, enemas, fleet phosphate = bad for renal
Antidote for Benzo Toxicity Oral: gastric lavage followed by activated charcoal or saline cathartics Antidote: Flumazenil
-cillin Antibiotics/PCNs Allergy risk, can impact BC, take on empty stomach, increases INR (no warfarin), use probiotics
ceph- Antiobiotics: Cephalosporins Allergy risk, disulfuram rxn when taken w/ alcohol, increases INR, use probiotics
sulfa- Antibiotic/Sulfonamide for UTIs Take with lots of water d/t renal crystals, allergy risk, hyperkalemia and low platelets, increases INR
INR Levels for normal and on warfarin <1.1 for normal, 2-3 for warfarin
-cyclines Antibiotics/Tetracyclines
TB Meds Rifampin (orange urine and secretions) Isonizid
Definition of Angina Chest pain
When do infants receive their DTaP vaccines? Beginning at 2 months
Definition of parasthesia tingling in the extremeties
Definiton of Oliguria low amounts of urine
Priority Interventions for Allergic Reaction 1. Stop infusion (if applicable) 2. Give Epi 3. Elevate Legs 4. Draw blood for ABG (arterial blood gas)
Definition of Xerostomia Dry mouth
Antidote for Opioids Naloxone in emergency or naltrexone Mathadone in non-emergency
Antidote for Protamine Sulfate Protamine
Definition of Myalgia Muscle Pain
What is Steven-Johnson Syndrome? Allergic reaction, with flu-like symptoms followed by a rash
How to use an Epipen Inject into outer thigh, may be given through clothes if needed Keep leg still while injecting Do not give into buttocks Do not use if expired Store at room temp
Side Effects of Epipen Chest pain or pressure fast or irregular heart beat shortness of breath
Mechanisms of Epipen Open airway, increase HR and BP, reduce swelling
Lab Findings for client on Heparin aPTT 1.5-2x baseline Hold if platelet count < 100,000
Normal Platelet Count 150,000-450,000
Antidote for Heparin Promatine slow IV
Difference between Heparin and Warfarin Heparine is given via parenteral route while warfarin is oral
Theophylline Like aminophylline Long term control of asthma or COPD Not a first-line med Serum levels should be between 5-10 Increased levels are indicated by dysrhythmias and seizures Report nausea, diarrhea, restlessness interacts w/ caffeine
Nitroglycerin Transdermal Patch Remove old patch, do not cut, place on hairless area, but do not shave area, rotate sites, remove patch at night for 10-12 hours
Nitroglycerin Topical Ointment Remove prior dose, measure with applicator paper 2.5-3.5 inches, cover w/ clear plastic wrap (not gauze)
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