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Health Unit 7

Sleep, Hygiene, Human Physiology

____________ is a period of adolescence in which the sex organs produce and release hormones for growth and development. puberty
The part of the brain responsible for releasing hormones for growth and development is the ____________ __________. pituitary gland
Chemicals in the body that help to control body functions during puberty are called... hormones
A good sleep habit is not to consume caffeine after _______ pm and to limit naps to ________ minutes. 2, 20
How many hours of sleep should a teen have every night? 9 1/4
A good sleeper should strive to have a ____________ sleep schedule and get one long _____________ block of sleep. regular, continuous
Body fluids released after exercise to maintain heat control is called... perspiration
Practicing good hygiene is important because it protects you from ____________ and stops __________ __________ . disease, body odor
____________ is removed by brushing your teeth twice a day. plaque
The female hormones are... estrogen and progesterone
The male hormone is ... testosterone
__________ tend to grow, develop, and begin puberty earlier than __________. girls, boys
The sperm grows in the testicle and matures in the ... epididymis
The egg grows and is stored in the ... ovary
The woman's monthly reproductive cycle is called the ... menstrual cycle
An unborn baby grows in the ... uterus
You can contract the H.I.V. virus through ... blood, semen, and reproductive fluids
__________ ____________ ____________ are passed from one person to another through body fluids such as semen and blood. Sexually Transmitted Infections
The word for not having sexual contact with others to prevent unwanted pregnancies and S.T.I.s is ... abstinence
What type of refusal skill is the following statement: "No thanks, I don't want to risk getting pregnant or getting an S.T.D" give a reason
What 2 ways is the H.I.V./A.I.D.S virus spread? blood and reproductive fluids
Created by: hms212