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Health Unit 6

Drugs Part 2

Alcohol acts as a ____________ drug because it SLOWS DOWN heart rate and blood pressure. depressant
The organ, the ____________, breaks down alcohol at approximately ____________ drink per hour. liver, one
A __________ ounce beer, __________ ounce glass of wine, and a __________ ounce shot of liquor all contain the same amount of alcohol. 12, 4, 1
Five drinks for a male and four drinks for a female consumed in a short period of time is known as ____________ ____________ . binge drinking
____________ is the amount of alcohol in the blood expressed as a percentage. B.A.C.
The physical and mental changes that occur because of drinking are called... intoxication
Alcohol poisoning is when a user ____________ on alcohol causing damage to physical health and a possible coma, or death. overdoses
The more alcohol you consume, the ____________ your B.A.C. will become. higher
The B.A.C. for D.W.I. (driving while intoxicated) is __________. .08%
__________ __________ ____________ is a law that grants limited immunity to intoxicated minors who call for help for themselves or a friend who is demonstrating signs of alcohol poisoning. Medical Amnesty Protection
Household chemicals that are abused are called... inhalants
Inhalants are NOT classified as drugs. They are... poisons
Inhaling a poisonous product from a cloth held over the nose and mouth is called... huffing
Using an inhalant can cause permanent damage to the ... nervous system
A class of inhalants that includes glues and cements are... adhesives
__________ is a cause of death from inhaling in which the heart beats very fast and out of rhythm causing it to suddenly stop from cardiac arrest. S.S.D.
The most abused drug among middle school students is... inhalants
A natural or synthetic drug used as a painkiller is called a... narcotic
Heroin is an illegal drug that is classified as an ... opiate
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