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Health Unit 5

Drugs Part 1

When someone takes more than one drug at a time without considering side effects, this can happen... reactions magnify
When someone needs more of a drug to get the same effect, they have built up a ... tolerance
The uncontrollable use of a drug is called an ... addiction
The three major harmful products in tobacco are... tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide
The nicotine in tobacco causes an ____________, also called a habit. addiction
What form of tobacco causes the most mouth cancer? smokeless
The precancerous white patches inside the lip or cheek that are caused by using smokeless tobacco are called... leukoplakia
When smoking, _____________ _____________ replaces oxygen in the blood. carbon monoxide
Which one of the three major chemicals in tobacco causes cancer? tar
What are the diseases that a tobacco user could develop? lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, stroke
Marijuana comes from the leaves and flowers of the ____________ plant. cannabis
The drug marijuana is smoked in a ____________ or eaten in ___________. joint, food
One marijuana cigarette contains the same amount of tar and poisonous chemicals as a _____________ of tobacco cigarettes. pack
The mind-altering ingredient in marijuana is ... THC
Marijuana can be laced with ____________ ____________ which can make it unpredictably dangerous. illegal drugs
Marijuana has more ____________ and _____________ _______________ than tobacco. tar, carbon monoxide
Marijuana sometimes acts as a ______________ like tobacco, which raises blood pressure and causes heart disease. stimulant
Marijuana remains in the user's body for up to a ... month
Marijuana is considered an ____________ ____________ in most states in the United States. illegal drug
Marijuana is a ____________ drug because a tolerance is developed quickly and users move on to stronger drugs like heroin, cocaine, LSD, and PCP. gateway
Created by: hms212