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Initial Contact Degrees and most active muscles? event? 20 Flex: glut max, adductor magnus 5 Flex: Quadricep (con --> ecc) 0: Pretibials (ecc) Heel first contact
Loading Response Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 20 flex: 15 flex: Hamstrings (con) Quadricep (ecc) 5 PF: Pretibials (ecc) hip stability, knee fleixon, PF
Mid stance Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 0: glute med 5 flex: 5 DF: gastroc/soleus tibai advancement
Terminal stance degrees and most active muscles? Event? 20 hyperextension: glute med 5 flex: 10 DF: gastroc (ecc) DF w heel rise,
Pre swing Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 10 hyperextension: 40 flex: Quad, gracilis, sartorius (ecc) 15 PF: Passive knee flexion and ankle PF
Initial Swing Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 15 flex: iliacus, gracillis, sartorius 60 flex: hamstrings 5 PF: Hip and knee fleixon
Mid Swing Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 25 flex: 25 flex: hamstrings late (ecc) 0 : Pretibials more hip flexion and DF
Terminal swing Degrees and most active muscles? Event? 20 flex: 5 flex: Quad (con) hamstrings (ecc) 0: knee extension
% of stance and swing 60% stance 40% swing
Possible reasons for Foot slap? decreased DF strength/function
Possible reasons for toes first IC? Leg length discrepancy shortened PF weak DF painful heel
Possible reasons for foot flat IC? fixed DF weak DF
Possible reasons for excessive PF in Midstance? no ecc PF contraction (weak,flaccid) surgical over release rupture Achilles contracture
Possible reasons for heel lift in mid stance? PF spasticity
Possible reasons for excessive DF in mid stance? PF uncontrolled ecc hip or knee contractures
Possible reasons for toe clawing in mid stance? PF grasp not fully innervated positive supportig reflex toe flexor spasticity
Possible reasons for no roll off in push off? ankle and foot fixated PF r DF not working pain inforefoot
Possible reasons for toe drag in swing? weak DF and toe ext PF spastic decreased knee or hip flexion
Possible reasons for foot varus in swing? spastic invertors weak DF & EV extensor pattern
Possible reasons for excessive knee flexion at IC? pain in knee spastic knee flexors weak quads short contra leg
Possible reasons for knee hyperextension in foot flat or mid stance phase? weak quads soleus compensaiton by glut max pull spastic quads fixed PF deformity compensaiton
Possible reasons for Excessive knee flexion with push off? Pelvic COG too far forward rigid trunk hip/ knee flexion contracture flexion withdrawal reflex dominance of flexion synergy
Possible reasons for excessive knee fexion wiht acceleration to mid swing? v pre swing knee fleixon flexor withdrawl reflex dysmetria
Possible reasons for limite dknee flexsion with acceleration to mid swing? knee pain diminished ROM of knee extensor spastiicty circumduct hip
Possible reasons for excessive hip flexion in heel strike? hip/knee contracture knee flexion from weakn soleus and quadricep hypertonicity of hip flexors
Possible reasons for limited hip flexion in heel strike? weak hip flexors limited range of hip flexion glute max weakness
Possible reasons for limited hip extension from foot flat to mid stance? hip flexion contracture
Possible reasons for IR from foot flat to mid stance? spastic IR weak ER excessive forward rot of op pelvis
Possible reasons for ER from foot flat to midstance? excessive backward rot of opp pelvis
Possible reasons for hip abd from foot flat to mid stance contracture of glute med trunk lat lean over ipsi hip
Possible reasons for hip adduction from foot flat to midstance? spastic hip flexpr and adductors contra pelvic drop
Possible reasons for circumduction in swing phase? comp for weak hip flexors inability to shorten leg to clear
Possible reasons for hip hike in swing phase? lack kne or ankel flexion extensor spasticity
Possible reasons for excessive hip flexion in swing phase? attempt to shorten for foot drop flexion pattern
Possible reasons for lateral trunk lean in stance phase? weak glute on stance leg and lean over leg reduce force on painful hip
Possible reasons for backward trunk lean in stance phase? weak glute max on stance leg ant rot pelvis
Possible reasons for forward trunk lean stance phase? quad weakness hip and knee flexion contractures posteriorly rotated pelvis
adult normal step width 2-4 inches
adult verticle displacement 5 cm
adult horizontal displacement 2.5-5cm
adult pelvic rot 4 deg forward and backwards
PF most active and at their peak when Pre swing
Mid swing what is the main muscle active DFs
When do ankle IV turn on Terminal swing
Average adult cadence 110 -120 steps/min
Average toe out deg 7
two phases of DBL limb support Pre swing initial contact into loading response
Created by: KelsM
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