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COM Student Resource

Free Student Resources at COM

Developmental Math Lab Free Walk-in tutorials for COM Math students, and computer access for online homework. Math lab is in the Technical Vocational Building room T-1532. Phone number is (409)933-8320, or email contact is Kirk McVey at kmcvey@com.edu
Student Support Services and Trio This COM program helps first generation, low-income students, and students with disabilities achieve their academic goals. TRIO phone number is (409)933-8525 and is located on the 2nd floor in the Student Center. Website www.com.edu/trio-program
Counseling Services COM offers students workshops and individual counseling sessions to recognize and work towards their academic, personal, and career goals. Contact counselor Holly Bankston by phone (409)933-8520, or email at hbankston@com.edu to schedule an appointment.
Disability Services COM offers disability services to sight-impaired, hearing-impaired, and all disabled students with resources to successfully complete their degree plans. Contact Cindy Later by phone (409)933-8524, or by email ckater@com.edu.
Student Life COM offers different clubs and organizations where you can connect with others who share your interests. Please visit the Student Center room 116 for more info, their hours are Monday-Friday 1-5pm.
Career Services COM offers a Career services department that gives you the necessary tools to realize success both personally, and professionally. Contact the director of the student success center Michelle Valdes by phone (409)933-8124, or email MValdes1@com.edu.
Advising COM has advisors that help you select courses to meet your goals. Alisha Lyon advises last name A-G email alyon1@com.edu, Angie Tuel advises last name H-O email atuel@com.edu, Blaine Ganter advises last name P-Z email bganter@com.edu.
Testing COM's testing center helps determine eligibility for programs, certification, course placements, and to meet state legislature requirements. Located at the enrollment center room A-126. Phone (409)933-8676 email testingcenter@com.edu
Student Financial Services COM offers financial services to assist students into obtaining financial help with for school. The office can be reached by phone (409)933-8274, or email finaid@com.edu
Fitness and Recreation COM offers its community and students a gym, and other recreational activities. The gyms hours change during semesters. please visit the gym, or by phone (409)933-8448.
Library COM has a great Library full of books, articles, study spaces, laptops, computer lab. Visit the library or contact by phone (409)933-8448
Speaking, Reading, and Writing Center COM's speaking, reading, and writing center offers students, faculty, alumni, and staff job preparation tutoring services. Located in the Technical-Vocational building room 1306. Phone (409)933-8702
COM Police COM's Police department provides security for the college and also assistance when needed. The police department is located near parking lot E. Phone (409)933-8403, email campuspd@com.edu
Child Development Education COM offers a lab school on campus for infant, toddler, and preschool children. Evening care is also available, as well as the Perkins Grant for assistance in paying for daycare. Contact Anna Raumaker at (409)933-8391 or by email at araumaker@com.edu
Created by: lanolasc