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Religion Quiz #8

Quiz is on Tues., Nov. 22nd. "We so won. They just got to pick the 60's first."

a lack of reverence for God Blasphemy
Christ's work of redemption through his Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension Paschal Mystery
An attempt or desire to overthrow and replace the head of the government to which one owes allegiance Treason
death penalty for non-Romans by fastening a person to a cross crucifixion
"Grant us salvation (Lord)" Hosanna
chant of the people as Jesus entered Jerusalem Hosanna
the disciple that betrayed Jesus Judas Iscariot
Charged Jesus with treason Pontius Pilate
Barabbas (blank)
Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross to Golgotha
Joseph of Arimathea a rich man that buried Jesus in his nearby garden tomb
Nicodemus helped Joseph of Arimathea bury Jesus
Pontius Pilate procurator (governor) of Judas
St. Peter thrice denied Jesus
Caiaphas high priest and leader of Great Sanhedrin
Annas father-in-law of Caiaphas (former High Priest)
Herod Antipas ruler of Gailee
Veronica wiped the foot of the cross when Jesus died
Mary & John at the foot of the cross when Jesus died
Jesus died at __ pm. 3 o'clock
Jesus was on the cross for __ hours. six
Palm Sunday Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem; "Hosanna in the highest"
Holy Monday & Tuesday Jesus teaches in the temple area
Spy Wednesday Jewish authorities attempted to obtain evidence against Jesus + Judas agreed to betray Jesus
Maundy (mandatum) means commandment
Maundy Thursday Jesus shares the Passover meal with his disciples + institutes the Holy Eucharist
Good Friday arrest, trial, condemnation, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus + tried before the Sanhedrin + condemned to die by Pilate + carried the crossbeam to Golgatha (Via Doloresa means way of sorrows), crucified to cross, hangs 6 hrs, dies at 3pm, buried
Easter Sunday day of Resurrection
Upper Room where Last Supper was eld
Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed and was arrested
Praetorium palace of the governor (procurator) in Jeruslame - didn't go in because leven bread was in there (unleven bread day)
Gabbatha means "stone pavement", judgment seat of Pilate
Via Dolorosa means "Way of Sorrows" + route Jesus carried the crossbeam
Golgotha means "place of skull"; where Jesus was beaten, stripped, and nailed to the cross
Holy Sepluchre location of Jesus' death and burial
Symbolic meaning of the blood and water that flowed out of Jesus' side blood= eucharist; water= baptism
Meaning of I.N.R.I. on the cross (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum) means "Jesus of Nazareth; King of the Jews"
The connection of Jesus as the Suffering Servant and the Pascal Lamb Jesus' save from sin and Passover doorway of blood of lamb
Jesus celebrated Passover a day earlier than most Jews because he was celebrating in an Essence community and Essence communites celebrated every holiday a day earlier
Scene of the crucifixion 2 other criminals, Mary & John were at the foot of the cross.
Created by: villanova