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Calcified pleural plaques Pleural thickening Asbestos - related pleura disease
Nosocomial Hospital - acquired pneumonia
Synchronous Metachronous Time frame of cancer
Tubular branching and tree-in-bud opacities Infectious/ inflammatory bronchiolitis
Aortic wall thickening Luminal stenosis Takayasu arteritis
Perihilar opacity paralleling the mediastinum Airspace disease conform to the radiation ports Radiation pneumonitis Radiation-induced lung disease
Collar sign Waist-like constriction Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture
Central bronchiectasis and mucoid impaction - finger-in-gloves opacities ABPA Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Adult onset asthma Aspergilllus fumigatus
Surgical treatment for COPD Lung volume reduction surgery
Mediastinal lesion in the lower central mediastinum differentials? Hiatal hernia, Congenital cysts, LAD, vascular: paraesophageal varices
Multifocal nodular opacities with internal cavitation Infective endocarditis Tricuspid valve vegetations Septic pulmonary emboli
Persistent lower chest pain after an episode of nausea and vomiting Esophageal rupture Boerhaave syndrome Pneumomediastinum Triangular collection of air in the medial and basal left hemithorax
Trauma, pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, focal bronchial laceration Tracheobronchial tear Persistent or progressive pneumomediastinum after chest trauma Fracture within several centimeters of the carina
Kerley B lines, cardiomegaly, small bilateral pleural effusions Interstitial edema secondary to heart failure
C shaped calcifications in the expected location of mitral valve MAC Mitral annular calcification Severe mitral valve regurgitation
Inspissation, inspissate, inspissating To make thick or thicker Spissus = slow, dense in Latin
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