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detour deviating from the usual or more direct route
challenge a task or problem
ironic when the expected result is contrary to the actual result
affliction great struggling or suffering
paraplegic the state of having the lower half of the body paralyzed
debilitate to weaken
orator skillful or powerful public speaker
serenity being peaceful
solution the answer to a problem
median being in the middle; as many above as below
consideration careful thought
obligation something that ties a person to a certain course of action, such as a promise or vow; duty
valedictorian the student in a graduating class with the highest rank
ambition a strong desire to achieve a certain goal
evidence an outward sign; indication
obstacle an impediment to progress or achievement
concentration focused attention on a single object or task
confront to oppose or challenge
confident certain of your own skills or capabilities
progressive making use of new ideas; broad‐minded
If you discover your career choice does not match your educational or training goals, you will need to make another plan. What exercises in Career Choices and Changes will help you with this task? Personal profile (page 27) Preferred lifestyle (page 63) Lifestyle budget requirements (page 93) Ideal career portrait and priorities (page 134) **All of the above**
Which of the following is not a good reason for permanently giving up your dream? You don’t have enough money
What may appear to be the easiest or most appealing path to you now may not actually lead to a satisfying life. Fortunately, decisions can be changed and adjustment made at any point in life. True or false? true
Bad habits will affect your physical and mental health and, thus, your ability to achieve. If your bad habit were smoking a pack a day, how much money would you have spent after just ten years of smoking at a cost of $4.50 a pack? $16,425
The more specific your goals and objectives are, the ______________ they will be. More helpful
A goal is a statement that specifies What you want to achieve or do within a certain amount of time
Actions that will help you meet your goal and measure your success by telling you what will be different when you’ve accomplished it, by how much or how many, and by when are called Objectives
Our values, opportunities, and desires all tend to change over time, which leads to changes in our ______________. Goals
In a study of high school valedictorians, researchers at the University of Illinois found that, during their college careers, too many young women in the group tended to Scale back their ambitions
Women who plan to balance their careers with marriage/child may think that decreasing their plans for a career will make them better mothers. women who prepare for professional-level careers through higher education usually __and have __in their lives Earn more; more flexibility
Why might a man want to encourage his spouse/partner to seek the education or training necessary to become self-supporting? He might have more freedom to enrich his own life If he were unable to work, his family would still be taken care of He would have more freedom to change careers **All of the above**
This technique allows you to think about a thing you fear in great detail over a period of time so you become less sensitive to the object of your fear and more confident in your abilities to deal with the situation. Visualization
As a skill, ______________ combines the techniques for overcoming anxieties and making decisions Considered Risk taking
When you make excuses, you are essentially giving away ______________. Responsibility
The best way to remove a(n) ______________ is to take responsibility for it. Roadblock
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