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Daisy Desantiago, A1

ESPS study tool

Open system? In an open system thing can go in and out
Closed system? In a closed system things are trapped with only heat and energy can get inside
What is a system? something that is connected to other things
What are the four spheres? - hydrosphere - biosphere -geosphere -atmosphere
what is causing the plates on earth to move? plate boundries
Three types of plate boundaries: Divergent Boundaries Transform Boundaries Convergent Boundaries
what are the two types of weathering? Mechanical Weathering Chemical Weathering
How do plate boundaries relate to Pangaea? Pangaea is what causes plates to move
what are two types of feedback? positive negative
what event began to occur 200 million years ago? large masses of land started to move closer together
what causes continents to move across earths surface? plate tectonics
what body of water will start disappearing if Africa and Europe continue to crash into each other? medeturain sea
Define subduction plate moving sideways and downwards motion
What holds the hydrogen atoms the oxygen atom? convalent bond
What may form when falling precipitation runs off the surface of the ground? water will evaporate
What is a water cycle? water cycled is the processes of which water goes in a circle
two ways in which water returns to the ocean from the land: runoff groundwater
main reserviors for fresh water frozen
In the atmosphere oxygen make up how much percent? 21%
how does nitrogen from the atmosphere fall to the ground? precipitation
we can not breath nitrogen, where do we get it from? food
what are two ways human impact the nitrogen cycle? smoke fertilizers
In a closed system, what is exchanged with the environment> solar energy
where do both systems(closed and open) get energy? from solar energy
give an example of how the atmosphere interacts with the biosphere?the threw the rain that reaches the floor
Created by: Daisy Desantiago