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ESPS finals

Gwendolyn Uppleger B2

Law of superposition youngest rock layers on top and oldest on bottom
First law of thermodynamics Energy cannot be created or destroyed
Second law of thermodynamics entropy always increases
entropy a degree of disorder
homeostasis equality between two elements, especially phisically
Energy pyramid /top predator\ / carnivores \ / herbivores \ / producers \ energy
ozone colorless, toxic, smells
troposphere lowest region in the atmosphere
mesosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere
stratosphere above the troposphere lower part of the mesosphere
thermosphere above the mesosphere and the last layer before the atmosphere loses the constant medium
albedo light or radiation reflected off a surface
Eon about a billion years
Era varies by how long the culture at the time lasts, usually a lifetime of someone specific
Period just significant Eras
Epoch similar to an era, but usually outlasts the person that inspired the era
Age Dictated by what technologies are available and common at the time
law of conservation of mass mass is not created or destroyed by chemical reactions
what do transform boundaries create? Earthquakes, faults
what do divergent boundaries create? mid-ocean ridges
what do convergent boundaries create? sub-ducting plates, trenches
meteors comets that never make the atmosphere
meteorites comets that make it into the atmosphere
asteroids comets with a small tail
comets a flying rock in space
global warming The planet warming due to the greenhouse effect
the greenhouse effect greenhouse gasses getting trapped in the atmosphere and warming the planet
Created by: Gardengnostic413
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