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T-spine comp

What is the term for the inner part of an intervertebral disk? nucleus pulposus
What is the term for the outer part of an intervertebral disk? annulus fibrosus
What is a “slipped disk”? when the nucleus pulposus protrudes into the spinal canal, pressing on a nerve.
what causes Spina bifida? the lamina fail to fuze which may cause the spinal cord to protrude from the back
what points on each vertebrae articulate with those below and above? the facets of the superior and inferior articular processes
what is the name for the joint where a vertebrae articulates with the one above or below? zygapophyseal or interarticular facet joints
which thoracic vertebrae have whole facets? T1( superior border), T10-T12 (superior border)
how do the spinous processes of T5-T9 lie? they sit at the level of the interspace for the vertebra below
how are the zygapophyseal joints of the T-spine situated? they open and angle anteriorly 15-20 degrees from the MCP, creating angle of 70-75 degrees to the MSP
what degree of patient rotation is necessary to open the zygapophyseal joint spaces? 70-75 degrees
how do the intervertebral foramina lie in the T-spine? true lateral – perpendicular toe the MSP
Name the 4 curves of the spine cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic
Which curves are convex anteriorly? cervical and lumbar
Name the lordotic curves of the spine cervical and lumbar
Which curves are concave anteriorly? thoracic and pelvic
Name the kyphotic curves of the spine thoracic and pelvic
What are primary curves of the spine? thoracic and pelvic curves are present at birth
Functions of the vertebral column protect the spinal cord, support the trunk, support the skull and muscle attachment.
Intervertebral joint types cartilaginous symphysis
Zygapophyseal joint types synovial gliding
Costovertebral joint types synovial gliding
Costotransverse joint types synovial gliding
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