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short clip lesson

选举 election xuǎn jǔ
投票 to vote tóu piào
想当 would like to be xiǎng dāng
成为 become chéng wéi
觉得 to feel, to think jué dé
希望 hope; wish xī wàng
help bāng
select; elect xuǎn
班长 class monitor bān zhǎng
开始 to start; to begin kāi shǐ
努力 work hard, hard working nǔ lì
成功的 successful chéng gōng de
特长 speciality tè cháng
优势 advantage yōu shì
真诚 sincere zhēn chéng
可是 but; however kě shì
不过 but; however bú guò
什么意思 what does it mean? shén me yì sī
电视剧 TV show diàn shì jù
一定 must yī dìng
多年以后 many years later duō nián yǐ hòu
出色的 outstanding chū sè de
加油 go! go! go! jiā yóu
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