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Bus.Mgmnt TEKS Study

The international organization that creates and enforces the rules governing trade among countries? WTO
The North American Free Trade Agreement {NAFTA) is a free-trade agreement between? Canada, USA, Mexico
is the selling of goods in a foreign market at a price lower than cost or below what it charges in the home market. Dumping
An American dollar is equal to 80 Japanese yen. A camera made in Japan for 8,000 yen would sell in the United States for dollars. 100
Business activities that occur between two or more countries International business
Government plays a role in equal opportunity for employment by passing laws that protect workers and guide employers. A few of these laws are: Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, and _____ . Americans with Disability Act
Which of the following is NOT provided protection from employment discrimination by federal law? Income
Which is NOT an example of external recruitment of employees: Current employees
The first step in processing applicants for a job is: Reviewing applicants applications to eliminate unqualified applicants
The extent to which people enter and leave employment in a business during a year is know as: Employment turnover
Employee benefits: Can significantly increase the total compensation package an employee receives
Minimum wage was established by the: Fair Labor Standards Act
Which of the following is not characteristic of entrepreneurs? Make sure that others do most of the work
Businesses that buy products from businesses and sell them to other businesses are called Wholesalers
Your employee is compensated on a commission basis. He makes 4% commission on his sales up to $75,000 and 6% of his sales over 75,001. Your employee sold $88,000 last month. How much do you owe him in commission? $3,780
Which performance plan pays employees a fixed rate for each unit produced? Piece rate plan
A company would use___________ and _____________ research when developing new product ideas. Consumer, Product
Which formula did you use to calculate your answer Replacement Method
The Neveau Corporation spent $10,500 on research last year. It spent 30 percent on consumer research, 25 percent on pure research, and the remainder on applied research. The company's annual sales for the last year were $350,00. 15%
Using the scenario above; how much money was spent on applied research? $4725
Any form of paid promotion that delivers a message to many people at the same time is called Advertising
A theory that states that to gain a trade advantage in a global market, a country should specialize in products or services that it can provide more efficiently than other countries is called: Comparative advantage
Created by: MsLWaddy
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