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Vocab Workshop H9

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 9

beatitude n. A state of perfect happiness, A blessing
bête noire n. Something one especially dislikes or dreads
bode v. To be an omen of
dank adj. Unpleasently damp or wet
ecumenical adj. Worldwide in influence or application
fervid adj. Burning with enthusiasim or zeal
fetid adj. Having an unpleasant odor
gargantuan adj. Of immense size
heyday n. The period of greatest power
incubus n. An evil spirit that haunts humans in bed at night
infrastructure n. A basic foundation or framework
inveigle v. To entice, lure, or snare by flattery
kudos n. The acclaim that comes as a result of some action
lagniappe n. An extra or unexpected gift or gratuity
prolix adj. Long-winded and wordy
protégé n. Someone whose training is under the patronage of an influential person
prototype n. An original pattern or model
sycophant n. Someone who attempts to win favors by flattery
tautology n. needless repetition of an idea by using different, equivilant words
truckle v. To yield or submit tamely or submissively
estaciate fly away, escape, act out with energy
Created by: Bomoono
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