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Beckwith 13-14 Vocab


acoustics the science and technology of sound
beat a rapid alteration between loudness and silence
cochlea a tiny fluid-filled bone structure in the inner ear with three tubes and a spiral
consonance a combination of sounds that is harmonious or agreeable
pitch property of a sound determined by the frequency of the waves producing it
dissonance a combination of discordant or unsettling sounds
harmonics frequencies that are multiples of fundamental notes
musical scale frequencies of sound that fit into a special pattern
beats more than one beat
harmony the artistic mixing of sounds of many different frequencies
pressure a measure of the force felt by the walls of a container
reverberation multiple echoes of sound
ultrasound sound of frequencies too high for the human ear to hear
sound a pressure wave we hear with our ears
sonogram a special kind of graph that shows how loud sound is at different frequencies
supersonic motion that is faster than sound
white noise equal mixtures of all frequencies, like white is a mixture of all colors
decible a scale to measure the loudness of sound
rhythm the time pattern in sound
chemical reation the breaking of bonds to form new substances
cone cells photo receptor cells in the retina of the eye that responds to color
cyan a greenish light-blue color where red is absorbed and green and blue are reflected
electromagnetic spectrum the whole range of light
flourescent a type of light bulb
incandescence the process of making light with heat
magenta a pink-purple color where green is absorbed and blue and red are reflected
nanometers a unit of measurement that is equal to one billionth of a meter
photo luminescence occurs when light energy makes something off of light
pixel a dot on computer screen whose color can change depending on the 3 numbers your computer assigns it
polarizer a particularly transparent material that lets through only one polarization of light
rod cells photo receptor cells in the retina of the eye that responds to differences in brightness
subtractive primary colors magenta, cyan, and yellow
tetrahertz 1,000,000,000 cycles per second
visible light the light you can see in the range between 400 and 700 nanometers
yellow a color created when blue is absorbed and red and green are reflected
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