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Physical Properties

Unit 1 Vocabulary

matter Anything that has mass and takes up space (has volume).
physical property Characteristics of objects that can be observed, measured, or changed without changing the matter itself. Scientists use these to classify matter into groups.
mixture A combination of two or more substance that can be easily separated.
solution A type of mixture in which the particles of one substance are dissolved in another substance.
conductor A substance or object that allows energy to flow through it easily is a _____. We use these materials in electrical circuits and objects that need to allow heat to move.
insulator An _____ is a substance that does not let heat or electricity flow through it. We use these materials to protect from heat and electricity. An example is the plastic coating on electrical cords.
solubility _____ is the ability of a substance to dissolve in water or another liquid , such as sugar dissolving in water.
dissolving _____ happens when a substance breaks down into small pieces and spreads evenly throughout a liquid.
mass The amount of matter in an object is the _____ of the object.
relative density _____ _____ of an object determines whether the object floats or sinks in water. We observe this by placing the object in water to see if it sinks or floats.
magnetism _____ is the force of attraction that causes a magnetic material to move.
thermal energy The energy related to the temperature of an object or substance is _____ _____.
apron An ____________is used to protect clothes when using substances that could splash or spill.
goggles ____________ are used to protect your eyes during an experiment.
gloves To protect your hands from chemicals or heat, you should use __________.
graduated cylinder Volume is measured using a ________ _______. The unit of volume is milliliters.
triple beam balance Mass is measured using a _____ _____ _____ and the unit is grams.
pan balance A _____ _____ and a triple beam balance are both used to measure the mass of objects.
hot plate A _____ _____ is an electrical appliance used in science to heat substances.
stopwatch If you are performing an experiment and need to have an exact time, you would need a _____.
beakers _____ are tools used to mix and pour liquids. Their measurement is not as precise as a graduated cylinder.
electrical energy Energy that is absorbed or delivered by an electric circuit is _____ _____.
gas Matter in a _____ state fills its container because the molecules move rapidly and freely.
liquid Matter in a _____ state has the ability to flow that makes it take the shape of its container, filling the bottom of the container first.
meters, centimeters, or millimeters In science we use _____ _____ or _____ for measuring length, because these are metric measures.
metric system The _____ _____ is a decimal measuring system used in science. The units are meter, liter, and gram for measuring length, volume, and mass.
table A data _____ is another word for a chart where we record information during an experiment.
solid, liquid, gas The 3 states of matter we study are _____, _____ and _____.
states of matter _____ _____ _____ are the forms matter such as solid, liquid, or gas. Another name used for this is phases of matter.
solid Matter in a _____ state has a definite shape and size because the molecules of the substance are tightly packed.
solvent The liquid that does the dissolving in a solution is called the _____.
solute The substance that is dissolved in a solution is called the _____.
temperature _____ is the measure of how hot or how cold a substance is.
increase To _____ means to get more or to go higher.
decrease To _____ means to have less or to go down.
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