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Johnny Tremain Chapters1-4

(Chapter 1) Where does the story take place? Boston Massachusetts
(Chapter 1) What point of view is the story told in? third person
(Chapter 1) Mrs. Lapham treats Johnny like more of _______ _______ compared to the other boys. a leader
(Chapter 1) Dove's opinion of Johnny is that he _____ ____ him. doesn't like
(Chapter 1) What trade are the boys apprentices in? silver smithing
(Chapter 1) Cilla and Isannah ____ Johnny. insult
(Chapter 1) Mr. Lapham hoped to teach Johnny not to be ____ through his selection of Bible verses. prideful
(Chapter 1) John Hancock was in the Lapham siler shop to have a new ____ ____ made. sugar basin
(Chapter 1) What secret does Johnny reveal to Cilla and Isannah? It is his ____ ____. middle name
(Chapter 1) Who is Johnny possibly related to?Merchant ____ Lyte
(Chapter 1) You find out that Johnny's mother has ____. died
(Chapter 1) Johnny has his ____ ____ as evidence of his relationship to the Lyte family. silver cup
(Chapter 2) Johnny went to go talk to Paul Revere to ask if the ____ ____ was good enough. pitcher's handle
(Chapter 2) Why can't Johnny work on Sunday? Because of the ____ ____. Sabbath laws
(Chapter 2) Mr. Lapham ends Johnny's work on Saturday because Johnny and ____ were ____. Dove quarreling
(Chapter 2) Mrs. Lapham thinks Mr. Lampham's stopping of work on Saturday is ____. ridiculous
(Chapter 2) Dove gave Johnny the cracked crucible to ____ him. humiliate
(Chapter 2) Johnny's hand is ____ in the ____ when the cracked crucible brakes. burned silver
(Chapter 2) Johnny's difigured hand means he ____ be a ____. can't silversmith
(Chapter 2) Whenever someone comments about Johnny's hand, he is very ____. grumpy
(Chapter 2) What did Mr. Lapham do about Mr. Hancock's order? He took the unfinished sugar basin and ____ it then returned the pitcher to Mr. Hancock with no ____. melted explanation
(Chapter 2) Mr. Lapham advises Johnny to look for a ____ ____. new job
(Chapter 2) When Johnny learns of Dove's part in the accident, Johnny wants to ____ him ____. get back
(Chapter 3) Johnny stops going home for lunch because Mrs. Lapham complains he eats ____ ____. too much
(Chapter 3) Johnny treats Mr. Tweedie very ____. rudely
Created by: zms
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