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Boat exam review

Boat test review-greg

Right side of boat Starboard
Left side of boat Port
Line from water to railing of boat Freeboard
Back of boat Stern/aft
Front of boat bow
From bottom of boat to waterline draft
Raised steering position flybridge
Bottom of sailboat/ stabilizer Keel
Support mast when sails are down/ only on sides shrouds
Supports of font/back of mast Headstay/backstay
Front sail jib/Headsail
Back sail Mainsail
What is needed for a jet drive moat to steer need engine power
Three things in seaworthiness Size, Design, Construction materials
Where is a lisence needed not in usa
What is the marine radiotelephone for Distress, Safety, public calls, equipment
What channel is for distress 16
What channel is for safety 9
what channel is for calling 9
If mayday is said, how many times do you say it 3 times
Name the three parts of the rope/line Working end/bitter end/Standing part
Which rope can strech nylon
which rope flotes Polypropelene
What do charts show Depth, variation, Heights of objects, bottom condition, hazards, landmarks, etc.
What is lattitude Imagineary lines the go up and down on the earth
what is longitude Imaginary lines that go left of right on the earth
What is a bouy floting, non fixed to the earth
What is a beacon Fixed to the earth, as big as lighthouses
WHat are bouys called Green-can red-nun
study other marks okay
where is direction measured from on a chart north pole
What is on the before fueling checklist Close prtholes, Shut off everything,
What is on the after fueling checklist Open portholes, turn on blowers, sniff in engine capartment
What is the scope ratio 7 times the depth of water plus height of bow off water
What does TVMDC stand for True course, variation, Magnetic course, deviation, and compass rose
What is a way to remember TVMBC T. V. makes dum children
Where does the lubber line have to be parrallel with Keel
WHat is the requried equipment for a boat Not enogh for an enjoyable day at sea
How many flotation aids do you need 1 for every person
Went renting a boat who is responsible for anything that happens oyu the skipper
What is the formula for finding distance, speed, or time 60D=STreet
WHo has right of way w/ 2 power boats the one that sees the green light
What is DR estimated position by looking at things around you
Created by: gregestra