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MIS Exam 3 Chapter12

L&L Chapter 12

What is Systems Design? Details how a system will meet the information requirements as determined by the systems analysis
What is Parallel Conversion? Running old system and new system at same time
What is Direct Conversion? Replacing entire old system with new system on an appointed day
What is Phased Conversion? Introduce new system in stages
What is Production & Maintenance? Review solution to determine success
What is the Systems Development Lifecycle? Systems Analysis, Systems Development, Programming, Testing, Conversion, Production & Maintenance
What is Prototyping? Preliminary model built rapidly and inexpensively
What are the 4 steps of prototyping? Identify the user’s basic requirements, Develop an initial prototype, Use the prototype, Revise and enhance the prototype
What is Outsourcing? Hire an external vendor to design and create software that operates on the organization’s computers
What is Rapid Application Development? Creating workable systems in a very short period of time by using tools for building the GUI, tools that automatically generate program code, prototyping, and/or prebuilt components
What is a Project? Planned series of related activities for achieving a specific business objective
What is Project Management? Application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve targets within specified budget and time constraints
What is a Portfolio Analysis? Inventories all of the firm’s information systems projects and assets
What is a Gantt Chart? Visually represents the timing, duration, and human resource requirements of project tasks, with each task represented as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to the time required to complete it
What is a PERT Chart? Graphically depicts project tasks and their interrelationships, showing the specific activities that must be completed before others can start
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