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MIS Exam 3 Chapter10

L&L Chapter 10

What is Business-to-Consumer? Involves selling products and services to individual shoppers
What is Business-to-Business? Involves selling products and services among businesses
What is Consumer-to-Consumer? Involves consumers selling directly to consumers
What do Digital Markets reduce? Information Asymmetry, Transaction Costs, Menu Costs
What do Digital Markets enable? Price discrimination, Dynamic pricing, Disintermediation
What is Price Discrimination? Selling goods or services at different prices to different buyers, even though sales costs are the same for all the transactions
What is Dynamic Pricing? Varying the price of the product depending on the demand characteristics
What is Disintermediation? The removal of organizations or business process layers responsible for certain intermediary steps in a value chain
What are Digital Goods? Goods that can be delivered over a digital network
What is E-Commerce Marketing? Internet provides marketers with new ways of identifying and communicating with customers
What is Long Tail Marketing? Ability to reach a large audience inexpensively
What is Behavioral Targeting? Tracking the online behavior of individuals at one or thousands of Web sites in order to better understand interests and intentions
What are the four purposes for Behavioral Targeting? Asses usability of web site, personalize ads and content, improve customer experience, more efficient marketing
What is Electronic data interchange? Uses a private network to automate the exchange of documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices
What is a Private Industrial Network? Web-enabled networks linking systems of multiple firms in an industry for the coordination of trans-organizational business processes
What are Net Marketplaces? Digital marketplaces based on Internet technology linking many buyers to many sellers
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