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Geography of Asia

Geography of Asia Study Guide

What are the main deserts in Asia and where are they located? Gobi Desert in North/NW China to Mongolia and Taklimakan Desert is in NW China, East of Himalayas
What are the 5 main rivers of Asia? 1. Ganges River in India 2. Indus River in Pakistan, China, and India 3. Mekong River in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar 4. Yellow River in China 5. Yangtze River in China
What is the highest mountain peak in the Himalayas? Mt Everest
What land form is called the "Roof of the World?" Tibetan Plateau
What is the Khyber Pass and What countries does it connect? Land route through the Hindu Kush mountains, connects Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was part of the Silk Road and has significant cultural, economic, political importance to region.
What are the major environmental issues facing Asia? Overpopulation, water pollution, river pollution, Asian (atmospheric) Brown Cloud
What river is holy to Hindus? Ganges River
What has caused the Ganges River to become polluted? Overpopulation, religious beliefs, and non-regulation of industry waste led to its pollution
Where did the Brown Cloud originate? Southern Asia
What caused the Brown Cloud to form? Industrialization, growing population, car emissions, burning of fossil fuels
What are the effects of the Brown Cloud? Blocks 15% of sunlight, decrease in crop production, less rainfall, acid rain, extreme weather conditions, respiratory diseases and death
What is the capital of China? Beijing
What is the capital of Japan? Tokyo
What is the capital of India? New Delhi
Created by: darcymcfarlane