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U. T. ASNT Lvl I

The indication on the instrument display that represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called________? The back surface reflection
In immersion testing, the position of the transducer is often varied to transmit sound into the test part at various angles to the front surface. Such a procedure is referred to as________? Angulation
The cable that connects the ultrasonic instrument to the transducer is specially designed so that one conductor is centered inside another. The technical name for such a cable is________? Coaxial cable
The process of comparing an instrument or device with a standard is called_______? Calibration
Another name for compressional wave is_________? Longitudinal wave
Another name for Rayleigh wave is _______? Surface waves
A material used between the face of a transducer and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations from the transducer to the material being tested is called_________. A couplant
The piezoelectric material in a transducer that vibrates to produce ultrasonic waves is called a __________. Crystal
Ultrasonic testing of material where the transducer is in direct contact with the material being tested may be __________. *straight beam testing *surface wave testing *angle beam testing
An advantage of using lithium sulfate in transducers is that it ______________________________. Is one of the most efficient receivers of ultrasonic energy.
The transducer that contains the thinnest piezoelectric crystal is a __________. 25 MHz transducer
A 25 MHz transducer would most likely be used during ___________. Immersion testing
The amount of beam divergence from a crystal is primarily dependant on the _____________. Frequency & crystal size
When an ultrasonic beam passess through the interface between two dissimilar materials at an angle, a new angle of sound travel takes place in the second material due to __________. Refraction
The velocity of surface waves is approximately ___________ the velocity of shear waves in the same material. Two times
Under most circumstances, which of the following frequencies would result in the best resolving power. * 1 MHz *5 MHz * 10 MHz * 25 MHz 25 MHz
In contact testing, the entry surface indication is sometimes referred to as __________. The initial pulse
An ultrasonic instrument display pattern containing a large number of low-level indications (often referred to as "hash") could be caused by ____________. Course-grained material
A test method employing two separate transducers on opposite surfaces of the material being tested is called ________. Through-transmission testing
The number of complete waves that pass a given point in a given period of time (usually 1's) is referred to as __________. Frequency of a wave motion
The boundary between two different materials that are in contact with each other is called _________. An interface
When the motion of the particles of a medium is parallel to the direction of propagation, the wave being transmitted is called a _________. Longitudinal wave
When the motion of the particles of a medium is transverse to the direction of propagation, the wave being transmitted is called a __________. Shear wave
"25 million cycles per second" can also be stated as ______________. 25 MHz
Moving a transducer over a test surface either manually or automatically is referred to as __________. Scanning
A term used in ultrasonic's to express the rate at which sound waves pass through a various substance is __________. Velocity
When a vertical indication has reached the maximum signal height which can be displayed or viewed on the display of an ultrasonic instrument, the indication has said to have reached its __________. Vertical level
An ultrasonic testing technique in which the transducer element is not parallel to the test surface is called _________. Angle beam testing
Most commercial ultrasonic testing is accomplished using frequencies between __________. 0.2 & 25 MHz
In an A-scan presentation, the horizontal base line represents __________. The elapsed time or distance
In an A-scan presentation the amplitude of vertical indications on the display represents the _________. Amount of ultrasonic sound energy returning to the transducer
In a basic ultrasonic test pattern (A-scan) for contact testing (assuming no sweep delay is used), the initial pulse _____________. Is the high indication on the extreme left side of the display that represents the entry surface of the inspected part
An ultrasonic test using straight beam contact transducer is being conducted through the thickness of a flat part such as a plate. The test could detect _________________. Laminar-type flaws with major dimensions parallel to the rolled surface
In ultrasonic testing, a liquid coupling medium between the crystal surface and the part surface is necessary because _______________. An air interface between the crystal surface and the part surface would almost completely reflect the ultrasonic vibrations.
Entry surface resolution is a characteristic of an ultrasonic testing system which defines its ability to _______________. Detect discontinuities located just beneath the entry surface in the part being tested
During ultrasonic testing by the immersion method, it is frequently necessary to angulate the transducer with a discontinuity is located in order to _____________. Obtain a maximum response if the discontinuity is not originally oriented perpendicular to the ultrasonic beam.
All other factors being equal, the mode of vibration that has the greatest velocity is the ____________. Longitudinal wave
On the area amplitude ultrasonic standard test blocks, the flat bottom holes in the blocks are ____________. Different in diameter, increasing by 0.4 mm (0..16 in) increments from the No. "1" block to the No. "8" block.
In immersion testing, verification that the transducer is normal to a flat entry surface is indicated by ____________. Maximum reflection from the entry surface
A piezoelectric materials can _________. Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
A disadvantage of using natural quartz in a transducer is that ______________. It is the least effective generator of ultrasonic energy of all commonly used materials
An advantage of using a ceramic transducer in transducers is that it _____________. Is one of the most effective generators of ultrasonic energy.
The primary purpose of reference blocks is to ____________. Obtain a common reproducible signal
When testing by the surface wave method, patches of oil or dirt on the surface may _______________. Cause both an attenuation of sound and indications on the screen.
In immersion testing, the most commonly used couplant is ____________. Water
The piezoelectric material in the transducer ______________. Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
The shortest wavelength pulse is produced by a frequency of _______________. 25 MHz
The angle of incidence is _________. Equal to the angle of reflection
On many ultrasonic testing instruments, an operator conducting an immersion test can remove that portion of the display presentation that represents water distance by adjusting a ______________. Sweep delay control
"100,000 cycles per second" can be written _______. 100 kHz
A transducer with a frequency greater than 10 MHz will most likely be used during ______________. An immersion test
The reference holes in standard aluminum area amplitude ultrasonic test blocks contain ______________. Flat bottom holes
The gradual loss of sonic energy as the ultrasonic vibrations travel through the material is referred to as _____________. Attenuation
A term used to describe numerous small indications on the instrument display resulting from test part structure, numerous small discontinuities, or both, is often referred to as ___________. Hash
When testing a plate, increasing the frequency of an ultrasonic longitudinal wave results in ___________. No change in its velocity
Ultrasonic waves transmitted into and received from the test material in the form of repetitive bursts of acoustic energy is called __________. Pulse echo testing
Metal blocks, which contain one or more drilled holes to simulate discontinuities, are called _________. Reference blocks
If the major dimensions of a discontinuity in a 152mm (6 in) thick aluminum plate lie parallel to the entry surface at a depth of 76mm (3 in), it will be best detected by ___________. Straight beam testing
The presence of a discontinuity will not produce a specific discontinuity indication on the instrument display when using the __________________. Through-transmission testing method
The depth of a discontinuity cannot be determined when using the ___________. Through-transmission testing method
When inspecting coarse-grained materials, a sound wave is most easily scattered by the grain structure by a frequency of______________. 10 MHz
The thickest crystal is contained in ___________. A 1 MHz transducer
When performing a surface wave test, indications may result from __________. A surface discontinuity
Transducers constructed with a plastic wedge or standoff between the transducer element and the test piece are commonly used for _____________. Angle beam contact testing
A transducer containing three or more individual transducer elements is often referred to as ______________. A mosaic transducer
Sound can be focused by means of special curved adapters located in front of the transducer element. These adapters are referred to as___________. Acoustic lenses
A test method in which the parts to be inspected are placed in a water bath or some other liquid couplant is called _________ _________. Immersion testing
A separate time base line imposed on the viewing display of some ultrasonic testing instruments that permits measurement of distances is often referred to as __________. A marker
A term used to describe the ability of an ultrasonic testing system to distinguish between the entry surface response and the response of discontinuities near the entry surface is ___________. Resolution
The phenomenon whereby an ultrasonic wave changes Direction when the wave crosses a boundary between materials with different velocities is called _____________. Refraction
In a test where the transducer is not perpendicular to the inspection surface, the angle of incidence is equal to _____________________. The angle of reflection
The product of the acoustic velocity of sound in a material and the density of the material is the factor that determines the amount of reflection or transmission of ultrasonic energy when it reaches an interface. This term is called ______________. Acoustic impedance
Ultrasonic waves that travel along the surface of a material and whose particle motion is elliptical are called ____________. Rayleigh waves
The interference field near the face of a transducer is often referred to as the ___________. Fresnel zone
When the incident angle is chosen to be between the first and second critical angles, the ultrasonic wave mode within the part will be a ___________. Shear waves
The formula used to calculate the angle of refraction within a material is called ____________. Snell's law
In a material with a given velocity, when frequency is increased, the wavelength will _________. Decrease
A circuit that electronically amplify return signals from the receiving transducer and often modify the signals into a form suitable for display is called ______________. Receiver-amplified circuits
The most common type of data display used for Ultrasonic examination of weld is ______________. An A-scan display
The display that plot signal amplitude versus time as called ____________. An A-scan display
A circuit that modifies their turn signal from the receiving transducer into a form suitable for display on an oscilloscope or other output device is called a ____________. Receiver-amplifier
A circuit that generates a burst alternating voltage that is applied to the sending transducer is called a ___________. Pulser
A circuit that coordinates electronic operation of the entire ultrasonic instrument system is called ___________. A power supply
A plan view display or recording of a part under examination is called ____________. A C-scan presentation
Ultrasonic data, which is presented in a form representative of the cross section of the test specimen, is called _____________. A B-scan presentation
What type of ultrasonic examination uses wheel-type transducers that eliminate the use of a tank? Immersion testing
In addition to other functions in, a transducer manipulator and a mechanical immersion-scanning unit permits ___________________. Detection of obliquely-oriented discontinuities
A type of data presentation most likely to be used with a high speed automatic scanning system is ________________. A C-scan presentation
The component in a conventional immersion system that spans the width of the immersion tank is called _____________. A bridge
The component in an ultrasonic immersion system that is used to adjust and maintain and known transducer angle is called ___________. A manipulator
An amplitude type gate is necessary for all ___________. Automatic examinations
When a C-scan recording is used to produce a permanent record of an ultrasonic test, the information displayed is typically the discontinuity's _____________. Location & size (plan view)
Rough entry surface conditions can result in ______________ or ________________. * A loss off echo amplitude from discontinuities * An increase in the width of the front surface echo
As the grain size increases in a material, its principle effect in ultrasonic testing is on the ___________. Attenuation
In straight beam pulse echo testing, a discontinuity with a rough reflecting surface perpendicular to the incident wave has what effect on the detected signal in comparison to the smooth flat bottom hole of the same size? It decreases the detected signal
Ultrasonic vibrations can be propagated only in the longitudinal mode in ____________. Machine oil
If the velocity of a longitudinal mode wave in a given homogenous material is 0.625 cm/ns at 0.5 inches (13 mm) below the surface, what is the velocity at 2 inches (51 mm) below the surface? The same as the velocity at 0.5 inches (13 mm)
If a 5 MHz transducer is substituted for a 2.25 MHz transducer, the effect on the wavelength of a longitudinal mode wave produced in a test specimen is that ______________. The wavelength should be shorter
What can cause non relevant indications on the cathode ray tube? * contoured surface * edge effects * surface conditions
The proper interpretation and evaluation of the presented defect signals are essential to any non-destructive test. A common method for the estimation of a defect size is the use of ____________. A reference standard
Another name for Fresno zone is ____________. Near field
Attenuation is a _______________. Test material parameter
For discontinuity geometries other than flat, the echo amplitude is usually __________ from that observe for a flat defect, of similar orientation perpendicular to the sound beams. Decreased
To evaluate discontinuities that are oriented at an angle to the entry surface so that the sound beam strikes the point of discontinuity at right angles, the operator must ___________. Angulate the transducer
The pulser circuit in an ultrasonic instrument is used to _____________. Activate the transducer
An A-scan display, which shows a signal both above and below the sweep line is called _____________. A RF display
A B-scan display shows the relative _______________________________. Distance a discontinuity is from the transducer and it's length in the direction of the transducer travel.
Surface (Rayleigh) waves traveling on the top face of a block ______________. Are reflected from a sharp edge corner.
Surface (Rayleigh) waves are more highly attenuated by _____________. A heavy couplant
The velocity of sound in a material is dependent upon the _________________. Material properties (I.e. Density & elasticity)
To vary or change the wavelength of sound being used to test a part, change the _______________. Sound wave frequency
Ultrasonic vibrations are commonly used to __________________, ________________, & _____________. *Examine materials for discontinuities * examine materials for thickness * examine materials for mechanical properties
Which of the following has the longest fresnel Zone? * 0.5 inch (13mm) diameter 1 MHz * 0.5 inch (13mm) diameter 2025 MHz * 1.125 inch (28.5mm) diameter 1 MHz * 1.5 inch (38mm) diameter 2 MHz 0.5 inch (13mm) diameter 2025 MHz
When contact testing, if the ultrasonic instrument is set with an excessively high pulse repetition frequency __________________. Interference of UT signals and undesirable fluctuations in Signal amplitude result.
The advantages of immersion testing include ___________________, ___________________, & ______________. * increased inspection speed * the ability to control and detect sound beams * adaptability for automated scanning
Longitudinal wave velocity in water is approximately 1/4 the Velocity in aluminum or steel. Therefore, the minimum water path should be __________________. 1/4 the test piece thickness plus 0.25 inches (6mm)
In immersion testing, a wetting agent is added to the water to ____________________. Help eliminate the formation of air bubbles
The formula used to determine the fundamental resonant frequency is _____________ F = V/2T
IF frequency is increased, wavelength ______________. Decreases (becomes shorter)
The variable in distance amplitude calibration block construction is the ________________. Metal distance above the drilled hole
When setting up a distance amplitude correction curve using 3 flat bottom holes, sometimes the hole closest to the transducer gives less of the response than one or both of the other two. This could be caused by ___________________. Near field effects
Most ferrous and non-ferrous welds may be ultrasonically tested using a frequency range of __________. 1 - 2.25 MHz
The product of the material density and the velocity of sound within that material is referred to as _____________. Acoustic impedance
A straight beam contact transducer consists of _______________, ______________, ___________, & ______________. * A case * a crystal * a mount * backing
In the immersion testing, to remove the second water Reflection from between the entry surface signal and the first reflection, you should ________________. Increase the water path
For a given incident angle, as the frequency of the transducer increases, the refracted angle _______________. Stays the same
Both longitudinal and Shear wave may be simultaneously generated in a second medium when the angle of incidence is ______________. Between normal (90°) and the first critical angle
An immersion testing, when the sound beam strikes a concave surface, the sound beam tends to ___________. Converge
Penetration of ultrasonic waves in a material is normally the function of the test frequency that is used. The greatest depth of penetration is provided by a frequency of ____________. ( 1 MHz, 2.25 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz) 1 MHz
Generally speaking, certain piezoelectric materials exhibit Better Properties than others. The following material that is considered to be the most efficient receiver of ultrasonic energy is ___________ (quartz, ceramic,barium titanate,lithium sulfate) Lithium sulfate
Refracted energy assumes a new direction of propagation when ___________ is changed. Incident angle
The loss of energy as it propagates through material is the result of beam ____________. Attenuation
In selecting a suitable couple, which of the following characteristics would not affect the selection? ( mode of propagation desired, material surface finish and temperature, operating frequency of the transducer, chemical properties of the couplant) Operating frequency of the transducer
Excessive surface roughness of the material being tested can cause ___________________. A loss of echo amplitude from discontinuities within the material
Reference or calibration standards are used for _____________. Providing a method of standardizing the test system
The change in direction of an ultrasonic beam when it passes from one material to another material in which elasticity and density differ is called ___________. Refraction
If a discontinuity is oriented at an angle other than 90° to the sound beam, the result may be a _______________. Loss or lack of signal reflected from the discontinuity
A device that transforms electrical impulses into mechanical and vice-versa utilizes _____________________. Piezoelectric principles
Whenever an ultrasonic incident angle is set at 5° from normal _________________. The refracted wave has two components, one of which will be the same mode as the incident wave
If a discontinuity is located in the Fresnel or near field region of a sound beam ___________. In immersion testing, the amplitude of the reflected signal may increase or decrease as the water path decreases.
If a transducer is vibrating at a frequency and injecting ultrasonic energy through water into a steel specimen _____________. The sound wavelength is not the same in both the water and the steel
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