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Rad Tech 2 Review

What are the 4 important technical considerations for mobiles? Grid, anode heel effect, SID, technique chart
3 criteria for optimal grid usage: Level, centered to CR, at recommended focal distance
When is the anode heel effect more pronounced? Short SID and large field size
What is the minimal safe distance in mobile? Where is the least exposure? 6 feet (2 meters); at right angle to the patient
What is most effective radiation protection method? Increasing distance from primary beam
What's the minimum source-to-skin distance? 12 inches (30 cm)
What must be obtained before moving a fractured part, or part which has just had surgery? Nurse permission (and possibly assistance)
What must be done to items you removed from a room to fit your mobile equipment in? All put back after!
Where might the mobile be if the patient is supine? Base at middle of bed
Where might the mobile be if the patient is upright? Base at end of bed
Where might the mobile be for lateral or decubitus projections? Parallel or perpendicular to the bed
What must be documented when doing mobiles? Procedure, time of exam, technical factors used (keep a log)
What are some of the main principles of trauma adapted radiography?
What are 5 attributes of a surgical technologist?
Entire biliary tree
Created by: Ewood61