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Unit 2 - Miss Kimble

Force, Motion, & Energy

Force A push or pull
Friction a force that works against motion
Work What occurs when a force moves an object over a distance
Gravity The force that pulls objects toward each other (what makes objects fall to the ground)
Energy the ability to do work (electrical, mechanical, thermal, light, and sound)
Electrical Energy energy that comes from electric current
Mechanical Energy work done from something that is moving
Thermal Energy the energy of moving particles that produce heat
Light Energy a form of energy that can be seen
Sound Energy a type of energy that can be heard, caused by vibrations
Complete Path needed for electrons to be able to flow
Series Circuit an electric circuit in which electricity only has one path to follow (if one light goes out, they all go out)
Parallel Circuit an electric circuit in which electricity has multiple paths to follow
Switch Turns a circuit on and off
Conductor a material that allows electricity and thermal energy to pass through easily (usually metal)
Insulator a material that does NOT allow electricity or thermal energy to pass through easily (plastic, rubber, cloth, wood, Styrofoam)
Reflect the bouncing off of light rays from a surface. Enters and exits at the same angle. (Mirror, Still Water)
Refract the bending of light as it moves from one material into another (Rainbows, Pencil in Water)
Prism a transparent, 3 dimensional shape used to separate white light into the color spectrum
Circuit the path of an electric current
Mirror a reflective surface, usually silver in color
Lens a transparent piece of glass or plastic used for refracting light
Electric Current the flow of electric charges along a path