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Science Chpt. 3 Exam

What is the formula for table salt Sodium Chloride
What is an alloy a solid solution of metals or nonmetals dissolved in metals
What are the symbols for carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen C, H, O
Fill a balloon with this and it will rise rapidly in the air Helium
Is sulfur a metal, a nonmetal, or a metalloid A nonmetal
3 ways to increase speed of dissolve mix, heat, and crush
What are oxygen and hydrogen gases
glowing would burst into flames when in contact with oxygen
Is garden soil a compound, mixture, or an element mixture
Is sulfur a compound, mixture, or an element element
oxygen and hydrogen and xenon at room temperature gas
road salt and sea salt and table salt compounds
elements keep their original properties mixture
solute a substance that is dissolved in a solution
compound a pure substance made up of atoms of two or more elements which are chemically combined
solvent in a solution, the substance in which the solute dissolves
Flammability a substance's ability to burn
What's the difference between a mixture and a compound Mixtures: made up of elements, compounds, or both; no change in original properties of components; separated by physical means; formed using any ratio of components Compounds are the opposite and made of just elements
What's the difference between elements and compounds Compounds (and mixtures) can be separated, has multiple types of particles, and can be broken down. Elements cannot be broken down , has one type of particle, and cannot be separated
What common gases are lighter than air Hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and methane
What common gases are heavier than air Oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, and carbon dioxide
Is calcium carbonate an element, mixture, or compound compound
Is air an element, mixture, or compound mixture
Is potting soil an element, mixture, or compound mixture
2 teaspoons of blue food coloring is mixed into 1 cup of water. Which is the solute The food coloring
How can paint be used to prevent rusting Paint prevents H2O molecules from reaching the surface of the metal so it can't touch the oxygen
What causes iron to rust contact with oxygen
What are the common ways to separate a mixture Through distillation, a magnet, or by a centrifuge
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