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Italian Prepositions

Italian Prepositions with Nouns

Vado in casa. I'm going home.
Vado in bagno. I'm going to the bathroom.
Vado in sala. I'm going to the hall.
Vado in giardino. I'm going to the garden.
Vado in camera. I'm going to the room.
Vado in cittĂ . I'm going to the city.
Vado in paese. I'm going to the village.
Vado in autobus. I'm going by bus.
Vado in metropolitana. I'm going by subway.
Vado in macchina. I'm going by car.
Vado in piazza. I'm going to the square.
Vado in negozio. I'm going to the shop.
Vado in palestra. I'm going to the gym.
Vado in banca. I'm going to the bank.
Vado in fabbrica. I'm going to the factory.
Vado in strada. I'm going to the street.
Vado in ufficio. I'm going to the office.
Vado in ospedale. I'm going to the hospital.
Vado in trattoria. I'm going to the trattoria. (semi-formal restaurant)
Vado in gelateria. I'm going to the ice cream shop.
Vado in birreria. I'm going to the brewery.
Vado in macelleria. I'm going to the butcher shop.
Vado in salumeria. I'm going to the delicatessen.
Vado in panetteria. I'm going to the bakery.
Vado in vacanza. I'm going on vacation.
Vado in montagna. I'm going to the mountains.
Vado in campagna. I'm going to the country.
Vado in barca. I'm going by boat.
Vado in discoteca. I'm going to the discotheque.
Vado in tenda. I'm going to the tent.
Vado in campeggio. I'm going camping.
Vado a casa. I go home.
Vado a letto. I go to bed.
Vado a cena. I go to have dinner.
Vado a pranzo. I go to have lunch.
Vado a colazione. I go to have breakfast.
Vado al ristorante. I go to the restaurant.
Vado al lavoro. I go to work.
Vado all'ospedale. I go to the hospital.
Vado al supermercato. I go to the supermarket.
Vado al mercato. I go to the market.
Vado al bar. I go to the bar.
Vado al caffè. I go to the cafe.
Vado a scuola. I go to school.
Vado al cinema. I go to the cinema.
Vado all'opera. I go to the opera.
Vado al parco. I go to the park.
Vado a teatro. I go to the theater.
Vado all'estero. I go abroad.
Vado al mare. I go to the sea.
Vado alla stazione. I go to the station.
Vado all'aeroporto. I go to the airport.
Vado al porto. I go to the Port.
Vado da Marco. I go to Marco's house.
Vado da Rita. I go to Rita's house.
Vado da me. I go to my house.
Vado da te. I go to your house.
Vado da lei. I go to her house.
Vado da lui. I go to his house.
Vado da noi. I go to our house.
Vado da voi. I go to your all house.
Vado da loro. I go to their house.
Vado dal barbiere. I go to the barber.
Vado dal parrucchiere. I go to the hairdresser.
Vado dal meccanico. I go to the mechanic.
Vado dalla mamma. I go to mom's house.
Vado dallo zio. I go to uncle's house.
Vado dal mio amico. I go to my male friend's house.
Vado dalla sarta. I go to the seamstress.
Vado dal panettiere. I go to the baker.
Vado dalla ginecologa. I go to the gynecologist's.
Vado dal dottore. I go to the doctor's.
Vado dal dentista. I go to the dentist's.
Vado dall'avvocato. I go to the lawyer's.
Vado dal professore. I go to the professor's.
Created by: Nolin