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Chapter 15 Chemical Engineering

absolute pressure pressure relative to a vacuum
aneriod gauge type of gauge that uses a small bellows that changes shape as pressure changes
bimetallic temperature measurement device device that relies on the concept that different metals expand and contract due to temperature at different rates
block flow diagram extremely basic representation of major processes in a plant
change-of-state temperature measurement device device that permanently changes colors when it reaches a certain temperature
chemistry scientific study of materials, their properties, their interactions,and the changes that they undergo
coal gasification clean coal method in which coal is broken down into its basic chemical parts using heat and pressure with steam
deformulation process that involves the identification and separation of chemical components within a substance
differential pressure flow meter type of flowmeter that constricts the flow by placing some sort of obstruction inside of a pipe or by narrowing the pipe at a point
first law of thermodynamics application of the law of conservation of energy
fluid flow liquids or gases in motion
gauge pressure measurement of pressure relative to the atmosphere pressure
infrared temperature measurement device device that measures the thermal radiation emitted from a material
laminar flow type of flow that has no disruption between the layers of the moving fluid, with no eddies or changes
mass balance property founded in the law of the conservation of matter
mechanical flow meter type of flowmeter that uses a variety of mechanical devices inside of a pipe to measure flow
open-channel flow meter type of flowmeter that measures the flow in a channel rather than in a pipe
plant layout arrangement of facilities based on the location of he materials that will be made into products and how they are moved through the plant
process flow diagram detailed diagram that includes main flow of chemicals
"right to understand" laws laws that are designed to ensure people know what chemicals that are being exposed to and what the health effects could be
second law of thermodynamics often called the entropy law, this law is concerned with the idea that concentrated source of energy with naturally disperse
surface tension characteristics almost like a film on the surface, caused by the molecules of a liquid tending to be more attracted to each other
thermodynamics study of work, energy, and efficiency in large-scale systems
velocity flow meter type of flowmeter that measures the speed of passing fluid and the depth of the fluid
waste by-product of chemical operations
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