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Unit 3 vocab delaney

vocabulary words

barrage n. a rapid, large scale outpouring of something.When the teacher allowed the students to ask a barrage of questions, she was exhausted by the end. syn. bombardment
bigot n. an intolerant, prejudiced, or biased person.My uncle from the North does not like the Southerns so he is a bigot. syn. racist
designate v. to indicate, point out; to appoint; adj. selected but not yet installed. When we were driving to Florida, we had a designated spot to stop and eat. syn. choose
diversity n. difference, variety; a condition of having many different types or forms. Delaney has a diversity of puppies that live with her including a poodle named Sammy. sym. dissimilarity ant. similarity
enigma n. someone or something that is extremely puzzling; that which cannot be understood or explained. The enigma of the missing girl made everyone puzzled. syn. mystery
gloat v. to look at or think about with great intensity and satisfaction; to take great personal joy in. When the girl started to gloat about her grade, i felt mad. syn. relish ant. regret
global adj. of, relating to, or involving the entire world; comprehensive. It is global when we vote for which person to be president. syn. worldwide ant. local
illusion n. a false idea; something that one seems to see or be aware of that really does not exist. When the child had a scary dream, she woke up feeling that the illusion was real. syn. delusion ant. reality
infuriate v. to make very angry, enrage. When the siblings were not getting along, i was very infuriated by the situation. syn. madden ant. calm
motivate v. to provide with a reason for doing; to push on to some goal or course of action. Since I didn't get a good grade, my mom motivates me by helping me study. syn. encourage ant. discourage
pacifist n. one who is against war or the use of violence; adj. opposing war or violence. I do want to be a pacifist for those who are not are not peacemakers. syn. peacemaker ant. warmonger
queue n. a line of people waiting for something(such as a bus or the opening of the store); v. to form such a line. When the teacher told us that there was a fire drill, I knew it was my queue to get in line. syn. file ant. disorganized crowd
restrict v. to keep within set limits; to confine. We were restricted to see the scary and frightening movie. syn. limit ant. open up
sage adj. wise n. a very wise person. My grandma is a very sage person and I always look to her for advice. syn. sagacious ant. foolish
slake v. to satisfy, relieve, or bring to an end. The big glass of lemonade with cubes of ice slaked my thirst on that hot day. syn. quench ant. increase
terrain n. the landscape, aspecially considered with regard to its phisical features or fitness for some use; a field of knowledge. When we took my great grandma to the forest, the terrain under her wheelchair was rough. syn. ground
vocation n. any trade, profession, or occupation; a sense of fitness or special calling for one's work. When she started working as a doctor she knew that this was her vocation. syn. career ant. hobby
vow n. a soleemn or sacred promise or pledge; v. to declare or promise in a solemn way. When the couple got married, they took a vow. syn. pledge
waylay v. to lie in wait for and attack, ambush. When I was on my way to school, I got waylayed and ended up at my friends house. syn. entrap
wither v. to dry up, wilot, sag; to cause someone to feel ashamed, humiliated, or very small. When the flower started to wither away I felt sad. syn. shrivel ant. bloom
Created by: yenaled123
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