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Diazepam Benzodiazepine - GABA(A) Rc facilitation - - sedative - pre-anesthetic - safer because don't activate without GABA - reverse with flumazenil
Opioids - stimulate pre and post ORc - analgesia (4-6 hrs) - sedation - antidiarrheal
Fentanyl Opioid - Full MOR agonist - profound pain relief - - overdose causes seizures
Pentazocine Opioid - Full KOR agonist, partial MOR agonist - with fentanyl full analgesia but less overdose risk
Codeine Local anesthetic Cocaine derivative - Metabolized to morphine - analgesic
Carfentanyl Opioid - chemical immomibilzation - 10000x analgesic potency of morphine
Etorphine (M99) Opioid - 3000x morphine - wildlife tranquilizer - reversal agent naloxone (human), diprenorphine (animal)
Sodium Thiopental Barbiturate - Inhibit BABA dissociation - increase open channel time - Induction Agent - low TI - intense CNS depression - can induce GABA(A)R on its own
Propofol Sedative/anesthetic - binds GABA(A)R at same site as ethanol - sedative and anesthetic - induction - short surgical prodecures - still low TI but better than barbiturates - fast, smooth, complete recovery - most hypotensive
Ketamine Phencyclidine (dissociative anesthetic) - NMDA Rc block - GABAR inhibitor - - Inhibits senses without unconsciousness - Mod-profound anesthesia
Nitrous oxide (N2O) Inhalant Anesthetic Lowers amount of other inhalants needed Analgesic
Cocaine Local anesthetic Sympathomimetic (lowers NE release Topical rhinolaryngologic
Procaine Local anesthetic Ester - short duration
Bupivacaine Local anesthetic slower onset (15 min), longer duration (2-4hr) Ventricular arrhythmias from IV bolus
Levobupivicaine Local anesthetic Bupivacaine s-enantiomer
Proparacaine Local anesthetic Eye anesthetic
Lidocaine Local anesthetic
Halothane Cyclopropane Inhalant Anesthetic Anesthetic - sensitizes myocardium to epi (arrhythmias) Hepatotoxic metabolites
Isofluorane Inhalant Anesthetic Anesthetic Poor tissue solubility No hepatic/renal toxicity Pungent odor
Sevofluorane Inhalant Anesthetic Anesthetic
Created by: Annya8