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chapter 8

what two types of systems are designed, built, and maintained by mechanical engineers?
the push or pull of an object resulting from contact from another object is ____.
____ is the application of force to move an object in distance.
The rate at which work is performed is ____.
describe the difference between potential and kinetic energy.
Give the definition for each of the following types of motion A linear motion B rotary motion C reciprocating motion D oscillating motion
a(n) ____ is a simple machine that uses a stiff bar rested on a fulcrum, or pivot, to lift or move a load.
a(n) ____ is a simple machine that gains mechanical advantage by moving the object a longer distance while using less force.
true or false? mechanical power systems use components such as gears, pulleys, and bells to transmit power.
____ systems use liquid to transmit power, while ____ systems use air.
what are the two most common power sources in fluid power systems?
____ are devices that mesh with similar devices to transmit power.
In a mechanical power system, a(n) ____ is a cylindrical piece used to transfer rotary motion.
a forklift raises a 400-lb stack of shingles 12' in the air. How much work has been done?
Calculate how much force would be generated in a fluid power cylinder with an area of 0.5 in squared operating at 120 psi.
Created by: Abby Lopez