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Limited Rad Cht 8

What should a radiograph image have? Density, Constrast, Good recorded detail
What are the properties of an Image? Density, Contrast
What are the photographic properties of an Image? Recorded Detail, Distortion, Magnification
What techniques are responsible for a radiographic Image? mAs, Time, KVP, SID
What can influence the production of an image? Tube Aligment, OFD, Thickness of tissue, Collimation, Beam Filters, Fog
What are major for a radiographic Image? Density & Constrast
What is Density? The Blackness of an image
What controls Density? mAs
What can be proportional to Density? Amt of mA used for exposure
As more production in tube + More radiation? More Bk density in the film
Density is directly proportional to? mA & Time
If mA 2x? Qty 2x
What can affect film darkening? mA & mAs
What is mAs? mA x Time = mAs
What are the 4 rules of mAs? mAs = Qty of radiationmAs = Qty of dosage2X Time + 2X mAs = Same effect (has)mA x Time is constant (same)
What is the Reciprocity Law? Used to determine Density Any combination of mA x Time that = same amount of Density
What is best for Reciprocity Law? Always go for fast time & avoid motion
What can control mAs? Focal Size Spot Time
What controls a recorded detail? Focal Spot
What size of Focal is best for a good image? SFS: Sharp Image, Good Anatomy
A disadvantage for a SFS? Can't tolerate heat w/long time
What can change a direct effect on Density? KVP, SID, Heel Effect, Film Processing, Fog
What does KVP control? Contrast & Density
2 ways that KVP affect Density ^ KVP = ^ penetration^ KVP = ++ radiation energy
KVP ^ + ^ radiation energy = ? more scatter, ^ Density
What is The Inverse2 Law? The Intensity of radiation has a relationship w/ the sq2 of the distance
What is the Inverse2 Law used for? Density, Radiation Intensity, Rad Dosage
Summary of the Inverse2 Law SID ^ 4X greaterA relationship w/ SIDA new mAs
What is required for a change in SID? New mAs to get some amt of Density on r. graph
What is Heel Effect? The tube's target (anode)
What is film fog? unwanted density
What is the cause of film fog? Old Film, light, scatter
What are artifacts? Foreign marks in film
Artifacts can effect the ^ v of? Density
3 Types of contrast? Radiographic, subject, film
What is radiographic contrast? Bk-silver in film (controlled by KVP)
Contrast can? Enhance info
A blacker image has? Less radiation
A whitere image has? More radiation
Which image will have more Density? An image that is whiter
Radiation of a ^ energy? Has short waves, produces a long scale
What is short scale? Image w/ gray scales
What is long scale? Image w/ bk-wht scales
What influences a rad image? Subject contrast & film contrast
What is subject contrast? Diff between skin @ bones of anatomical part
Aerial Image? Radiation enters- exits the body
Film Contrast? Type of Film
What can screens do? Converts rad energy to visible light, ^ contrast
15% rule? #KVP x +0.15% #KVP x - 0.15%
What is the purpose of 15% rule? 2X KVP penetration v contrast
By v 15% rule in KVP v mAs by 1/2
Image underexposed? Lacks density, Add mAs
Underexposed, can you add more KVP? No, will add more scatter
What 2 factors are used for film contrast? mAs(density) + KVP (contrast) to be complimentary
mAs & contrast? Controls radiation, KVP controls constant
Too much mAs? ^ Density
A change in distance? Change in scatter
Will distance affect constrast? No change
What influences Density & Constrast? Beam restriction, Beam filtration, Skin compression
Beam restriction? v scatter
Beam filtration? Gets rid of v energy
Skin compression? v contrast (due to KVP), ^ density
What helps the shape of an image? FSS, SID, OFD
What is Penumbra? Geometric blur
Focal Size Spot Produces a better recorded detail
An ^ in SID v magnification size & distortion
What doesnt effect SID? KVP & Constrast
The greater the SID The v the geometric blur
Best advice for OID? place part as close to the cassette
v OID v Magnification & size distortion
What is distortion? Change in size & shape
What is magnification? Foreshortening & Elongation
Created by: jivedoll