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Leach Larry Bell 164

Leach Larry Bell 164 Words to Know

prediction tell what will happen
elaboration give details
simile using like or as to make comparisons
metaphor making comparisons without using like or as
personification give an object human characteristics
alliteration same sounding words
dialogue to talk, quotation marks show dialogue
humorous funny
plot the events in the story; the problem, climax, resolution (solution)
climax the turning point in the story
skimming read quickly
flashback to tell what has happened before
theme the aim or central point of the story
point-of-view how the author or character sees the events in the story
author's purpose to inform, to entertain or to persuade
relevant information information that is in the passage that is important
explanatory explain; to give a reason why
persuasive convince by writing or speaking
inferences draw conclusion; to use clues to gather the rest of the information
generalizations reach a general conclusion
foreshadowing to tell what will happen in the story
demonstrate to show that you know
summaries to tell what you read in a couple of sentences
frame to arrange
parentheses example ( )
italics type of font that leans the text to the right and brings attention to the word or passage
bold face type important words that are written very dark
subheading words that appear as subtopics
column a vertical arrangement of items
narrator the person telling the story
prop support
props pictures for a play or drama to support the scene
classify put in order
distinguish tell apart
visualize see with words or imagination
exaggeration say or write more that is true
myths story about an imaginary person or thing
dialect type of language in a country, region or area
parody funny imitation
sarcasm cutting or witty remark
imagery images; figurative language
free verse free poetry writing
arrangement put in order
affect produce an effect
censor to prevent someone from saying what they would like
characteristics distinguishing quality
compare check for likeness
conclusion to decide
consecutive one after the other
contrast show differences
contribution give or help along
conventionally an accepted way of behavior
convey pass on information
convince cause to believe
describe to tell about using words
developed grow; increase
dimensions extent, length and or size
encounter to come across
event important happening
evidence to present facts to support opinion
feature important characteristic
illustration drawings, pictures or graphs
imagine form a mental picture
impression to give someone a feeling
influence to guide
literary type relating to literature
mental picture to imagine what something looks like in your mind
method procedure for achieving an end
motivate provide with a motive to make a person do something
passage literary selection
personality traits the way a person behaves
potentially something that can be actual or real
priorities what is most important
selection passage
reaction action or emotion caused by an directly related to another action
reference resources used for research
reinforce support
represent a sign or symbol
sensory perceptions using your senses
stereotype like everyone else
strategy worked out plan of action
supplementary thing that adds up or makes up for a lack
survey look over and examine closely
technique way of accomplishing things
ability skilled
according with evidence
advantages benefits or gain
Aesop fables written long ago teaching a lesson
aids provide help or support
analyzing look closely at
ancient times long ago
applying put to practical use
article nonfiction piece of writing
attitude feeling, opinion, mood
attracting drawing others
clue piece of evidence that helps to solve a problem
competition try to win
create bring into being
curious eager to learn
current present; up to date
dabblers one not deeply engaged
decide make a choice or judgment; bring to a conclusion
determines decide on; establish; settle
differ not the same
difference unlike; disagree
difficult hard to do
effective strong or desired effect
emphasize stress
enclose include
especially particularly; notably
evidence outward sign; proof
example model; representative sample
except omit, excluding
excerpt brief passage
experience knowledge from doing
explain make clear
Created by: CoachLeach
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