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Spelling reading tes

Plot beginning, middle, and end
Figurative Language analogy, metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, etc.
Flash back tells something that has happened before
Exposition the characters, setting and conflict are introduced
Rising action the conflict is getting intense
Falling action after the climax and leading to the end
Resolution the end where the conflicts are resolved
Dialogue conversation between 2 characters
Dialect the way a person speaks
Author's purpose to entertain persuade or inform
Allusion a reference to history the writer thinks you already should know
analogy red:color:rose:flower:white:black::tall:short
Analyze think about how all the parts are related to each other
Assess evaluate
connotation your definition of a word
Denotation dictionary definition of a word
Implicit implied meaning
Explicit directly stated
Main idea specific details from the story
Meter the rhythm
Mood the words the author uses to express his attitude
Tone the feeling you get from the story
Perspective who's point of view is the story being told from
stanza a group of lines
Text features graphs bold print maps headings etc
Summary including characters setting point of view theme but NO PERSONAL OPINION
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